You’re bound to alienate people.
  • You’re bound to alienate people.
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Dear Hipster:

What should I do with all this zucchini that grew in my garden? I don’t think I can eat any more.

— Diane

Oh, man, it’s totes that time of year, isn’t it? Urban hipster farmer that you are, you sprinkled a few zucchini seeds around in the spring, thinking you might harvest plump courgettes for the grill, and perhaps a loaf of zucchini bread. But then the plants produced an unreasonable number of tubular green squash with little human help or intervention required. Zucchini is the poké restaurant of the vegetable world, the craft brewery of the garden: just when you thought there couldn’t be any more...have another! Foist enough zucchini on your friends and you’re bound to alienate people. Even freezing it might leave you with more zucchini than you care to eat. Next year, stuff and fry the blossoms to limit the eventual fruit.

Believe it or not, charitable hipsters have formed local “gleaning” groups who will redistribute excess food from residential harvests. Gleaning, an ancient rite whereby impoverished villagers might subsist on the extraneous bits of a rich farmer’s harvest, is just the kind of idea you’d expect a charitably minded hipster to run wild with. Check with Feeding San Diego for more info.

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