Greenberg: “There’s ocean for everyone.”
  • Greenberg: “There’s ocean for everyone.”
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Name: Eva Greenberg

Age: 24

From: Pacific Beach

Location: Tourmaline Surf Park

Eva Greenberg had just finished surfing and was showering by Lifeguard Tower 28.

The 24-year old PB local first started surfing two years ago in the Bay area. “It’s colder up there [the Bay area] for sure.

“I like surfing in PB, except for the rocks. I live up the hill, so it’s so convenient for me. And I’m still a moderate beginner. Today was a little choppy and a little crowded, but it’s usually a crowded spot.

“I just don’t like to get in people’s way. Some people I’ve surfed with, they kind of let it get to them. But I just swim away,” she laughs, “there’s ocean for everyone.”

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