Damon and Brenda van Dam. "I've seen worse situations where people have literally beaten up their children and not been investigated."
  • Damon and Brenda van Dam. "I've seen worse situations where people have literally beaten up their children and not been investigated."
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Are the van Dams Fit Parents?

In their neighborhood, with the type of activity they had in their house, who knows what other types of things were going on in that house? It all stems from that type of behavior. They should absolutely be investigated. You don't lose your kid at that hour of the night, and you don't have those types of things going on in a house where there are children. Who really knows why they didn't check their kids?

By Robert Kumpel, March 28, 2002 | Read full article

Ryan Tyrol, Dad's patron who testified about Brenda van Dam

Friday Night at Dad's

“I didn’t know anything about [swinging] in my bar. I’ve been a bartender for ten years, and I’m rarely shocked or surprised. But when it happened I was, like, whoa, what a different lifestyle. I would never participate in it. One thing as a bartender I’ve learned, you can’t talk politics, religion, business, or judge [people]. Your whole purpose is to make money and make people laugh. If you judge them, that won’t happen.

By John Brizzolara, Sue Greenberg, Ken Leighton, and Jill Underwood, Aug. 1, 2002 | Read full article

Damon and Brenda van Dam. Out in the parking lot you ratchet up your high another notch or two and you are feeling no pain. But there is a slight sense of urgency that seems somehow misplaced.


I Crawled Inside Brenda van Dam's Head and Tried to Guess What Went on in There

It’s still early for action, somewhere around 9, 9:30, you think, but you’re not really thinking about that. The scene has started taking on momentum on the dance floor, and you and your friends sidle through the growing crowd of fun seekers toward the main bar. Maybe you edged along the left of the dance floor, past late diners in the booths where their faces look attractive in the low lighting.

By John Brizzolara, Aug. 1, 2002 | Read full article

Kids at play in Sabre Springs, a block away from the van Dam home

Good Life in Sabre Springs

“I think Brenda is amazing. She’s so strong. I asked her, ‘How do you get out of bed?’ She told me, ‘I do it for my boys because they don’t have anyone else.’ She showed me Danielle’s room, and I think I was more uncomfortable than she was. She keeps Danielle’s room open, and the kids play in it because, she says, she doesn’t want them to forget her, because Danielle is still there.

By Jill Underwood, Aug. 8, 2002 | Read full article

Top: Michael Collins and Marcus. Bottom: Robert Swayze Dalton and Kent Kline. "They'll keep him in protective custody, no doubt, but look at what happened to Jeffrey Dahmer."

Burn Him Alive

"One of the trustees I talked to was moppin' the floor near Westerfield's cell. He [said Westerfield] was totally bummed out. The trustee's exact words were 'shot out.' He was down the tubes. He had a remote-control bed and color TV in his cell. Nobody really talked about it, because everybody knows that he is guilty. If he had been with us, it wouldn't have been very nice after we got through with him."

By Robert Kumpel, Oct. 10, 2002 | Read full article

David Westerfield at death-penalty hearing. "You're going to know that I failed this test, because we're not working to get David...to the point where David passes the test .... That's not your goal."

You Think I'm Guilty of Something?

The difference in a polygraph situation, if [I] ask a question that you're gonna lie to me about, that wall's gonna...look like [the] movie screen of your life. You're gonna see it just like the day it happened. You know you're lying, that little guy's up in your head saying, hey, that's not the truth. Now you know I know that you're lying, because I'm measuring these physiological things that are going on inside.

By Joe Deegan, Jan. 23, 2003 | Read full article

David Westerfield. “We were just talking a few minutes ago about some court testimony about all the men in Poway looking like Westerfield."

Sins of the Father

As the prosecution hammered away at the defendant as a monster who deserved to die, Lisa Westerfield, for the first time in the trial, testified on behalf of her father. She answered "yes" to Feldman's questions whether she still loved and missed him.

In a story on the following day, Court TV reported that not only did Lisa have tears in her eyes and her voice crack, but that, as she testified, Westerfield himself "looked stricken."

By Joe Deegan, April 10, 2003 | Read full article

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Curiosity Aug. 16, 2017 @ 2:23 a.m.

What most people, including the police, apparently believe:

Westerfield walked from his house to Danielle’s house. Evidence? None

He then spent an hour in her house. Evidence? None

He then took her back to his house on foot. Evidence? None

He then spent several hours with her in his house, presumably viciously sexually assaulting her. Evidence: A few hairs. No blood. Innocent explanation? She had been in his house a few days earlier, selling cookies, and could have shed those hairs then.

He then took her in his car to his motor home. Evidence? None

He then kept her in his motor home for maybe two days, presumably sexually assaulting her, then murdered her. Evidence? One drop of blood, one fingerprint, a few hairs and fibers. Innocent explanation? She may have previously sneaked into his motor home while it was left unlocked in the street outside his house.

He then dumped her body at Dehesa. Evidence? None. (No evidence he was at the dump site. The fibers with the body which matched or may have matched those in his house, she could have picked up during the cookie sale.)

Conclusion. There was said to be a mountain of evidence in this case. There’s actually a mountain of MISSING evidence! There was simply NOT enough evidence to convict him, and he should have been found “NOT GUILTY”.


DMV April 1, 2018 @ 9:03 p.m.

Curiosity - There actually was evidence in his motor home even though he attempted to wipe and clean everything....Forensics found a single fingerprint on the wood cabinet right above and next to the bed in the motor home and it was found to be Danielle Van Dam's. It was one of the most damming pieces of evidence against the defense - because it simply couldn't be explained away.


Truthsayer Oct. 11, 2017 @ 12:55 p.m.

Curiosity - and after the trial it was revealed that Westerfield's attorney was trying to strike a deal in exchange for telling investigators where they could find the body.

Conclusion - Given that Westerfield wanted the death penalty taken off the table in exchange for telling investigators where the body was he was CORRECTLY found GUILTY. If you disagree please provide a conspiracy theory on how he ended up knowing where the young girls dead body was?


unposted Nov. 17, 2017 @ 2:45 p.m.

If you find one single evidence the plea bargain really existed do not hesitate to share because, for what i know, this is nothing more than rumors.

Brenda Van Dam on Larry King : it was my day to win the Lottery…


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