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Scorsese to produce a comic book movie

It’s the death of cinema!

My response is always the same: “I’ll attend Comic-Con when Scorsese puts in a personal appearance.” Be careful what you bitch for. Seven months ago Scorsese proclaimed, “Cinema is gone!”, in effect admitting that he’s ...

Who, us? Fox News wrongly implicates local union

Tucker Carlson links hospitality workers to Calexit effort

UniteHere, the union that represents some 6500 hotel, gaming, and food-service workers in San Diego County’s hospitality industry, has never been shy about flexing its political muscles. When the Chargers developed Measure C for a ...

Dogs doused with acid in Oceanside

Lawyer for David Christopher Herbert suggests the dogs were already injured

After more than an hour of grueling cross-examination by a defense attorney, witness Maria Morales Juares began telling him that his questions were “stupid” and she was “bored” of his repeated questions on the same ...

Festival of Sail — not fuel-driven design

Importance of the Civil War to ship technology

Though steam-driven or steam-assisted vessels first ventured onto the high seas in 1831, the main turning point from sail to side-wheel and eventually propeller for naval technology was during the Civil War. During the war, ...

Unable to re-attach his arm but saved his leg.

San Diego Harbor Patrol reports July 30-August 12

August 12 HP investigated a theft of some property that was taken from a boat in the A-2 Americas Cup Harbor. August 11 HP located an adrift dinghy in the area of the Grape Street ...

NFL blamed for sleepy trash-truck drivers

Strong link between football watching and alcohol consumption —really?

The Chargers' extended farewell to San Diego may be complete, but a local company claims in a study released this week the NFL poses an unlikely threat to Americans everywhere in the form of sleepy ...

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