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Game of Thrones, a musical?

Some say John Bradley-West was lurking in the shadows

My neighbor thought sure she saw John Bradley-West standing discreetly in the shadows at the 10th Avenue Art Space during Game of Thrones: the Musical, but it turned out to be some rando who looked ...

Caltrans signs in City Heights are backfiring

“People cheating red lights, blocking intersections, and no one doing any signaling”

On July 29 at noon, it took D.R. Peck six minutes to get on the 15 Freeway — from one block away. “Whoever created the new signage obviously does not live here, as now there ...

New Tijuana pedestrian entry: a mix of Six Flags and prison

Yellow taxis still banned from both San Ysidro gates

“It looks like I’m entering a ride in Six Flags,” regular border crosser Yesenia Huerta comments after using the new southbound entry to Tijuana via PedWest. “It feels like you are getting out of prison,” ...

Will Carlsbad allow drinking and driving?

Aug. 22 decision on K1 Speed kart beer and wine

A group of Carlsbad residents fighting to keep K1 Speed kart racing from getting city permission to serve wine and beer to onlookers includes the teenager who holds the top scoring position nationwide for performance ...

Cultural relativity sucks

It's time for classical music to grow up and own its greatness

What is becoming the summer of the curmudgeon continues now that I’ve read an article in the New York Times regarding Pres. Trump and a remark he made about symphonies. The remark was made in ...

Summer Stephan's family money tree

D.A. collects political cash the old-fashioned way, from friends, relations, and lawyers

Back in Richard Nixon's presidential days, San Diego's most infamous saga of family loyalty involved the powerful Alessio clan, popularly viewed as the border town's version of the Corleone family. Progenitor Johnny Alessio, the big-money ...

An inconvenient weekend at the movies

There’s not a lot of good stuff in this week’s new releases

This was...not a great week for movies. The big drama? Well acted, badly built. The big adaptation? A fizzle by all accounts. (Your humble correspondents saw it coming and steered clear.) The “starring Academy-Award winning ...

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