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Trump says NFL too worried about players' safety

"Going to the White House was a great honor until you showed up!"

Donald Trump, playing to his base in an Alabama speech Friday and in a series of tweets, slammed NFL players who don't stand for the national anthem. The president said the league is losing TV ...

Hooked by a 20-pound yellowtail

"It couldn't be pushed through or pulled out due to tendons..."

“What started out as a great Friday [September 15] turned south when I was attacked by an upset yellowtail,” wrote Matt Hayward in an Instagram post. “I was on a solo trip and had the ...

Now, baby boomers will follow Daniel Yankelovich

Pioneer opinion researcher dies in La Jolla at 92

Daniel Yankelovich, the groundbreaking opinion pollster who retired to La Jolla but continued working, died Friday morning (September 22) at 92. The New York Times said that he not only tracked people's car and toothpaste ...

The business of surfing

Early surfboard shapers, very early boards, the man behind Boogie Boards, early surf movies, first surf professionals, how Rusty board maker became clothes guy

Surfboard Shapers Eaton didn't invent the Bonzer, but is responsible for its refinement. It is a strangely old-fashioned board (in the sense that Chuck Berry is old-fashioned), yet as different from conventional surfboards as the ...

Big can't go small

A new French opera album from Jonas Kaufmann

Jonas Kaufmann is one of my favorite tenors on the current world stage when it comes to the dramatic tenor repertoire. He has just released a new album of French opera arias. Some of it ...

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