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Wonder women

The ladies have their day in this week’s movie releases, including Wonder Woman and Manifesto

It’s not that Sisters Are Doin’ It for Themselves, not entirely, anyway. (That would be, like, crazy. The kind of Brave New World you’d see laid out in a blistering manifesto.) Dudes still have a ...

SoccerCity's open special influence money frenzy

With D.A. looking other way, pre-city council vote fundraising surges

As a city council vote draws nigh for getting taxpayers to fund a $5 million special November election sought by the city's hotel moguls and backers of SoccerCity — a plan to privatize a big ...

School districts sue county for cash

Claim taxing agencies have stiffed them out of property tax revenues

A May 31 lawsuit filed on behalf of the County Office of Education and the county's school districts, accuse San Diego County and its auditor of taking property tax revenues that should have gone to ...

A new place for selectively health-conscious OB

Healthy food and beachin’ drinks

Although the food scenes of Little Italy, North Park, and Convoy get more attention, Ocean Beach has also been experiencing a bit of a restaurant renaissance in recent years. A lot of decent eateries have ...

Busted, Palomar Card Room now a magnet for graffiti, trash, homeless

El Cajon Blvd. waits for slow grind of legal process

Palomar Card Club, a.k.a. Palomar Casino, at 2724 El Cajon Boulevard, has been closed down since it was raided in December 2015 by the FBI and other law enforcement personnel. The entity itself and Naseem ...

Concert banned in the U.S.

Dresden musicians will play Tear Down This Wall — Pink Floyd, Santana — on T. J. side of fence

A German music project known for its quirky politically-themed concerts wanted to hold a free Tear Down This Wall performance simultaneously on both sides of the border fence between Imperial Beach and Tijuana this Saturday, ...