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In our 2016 burger issue, we incorrectly stated that Rocky’s Crown Pub is supplied by Jensen Meats. In fact, Rocky’s is supplied by Central Meat & Provision.

— Editor

Average IQ

In response to John from Encanto’s letter stating that people who are wealthy and living in neighborhoods such as Carmel and Del Mar hate Trump because they don’t live in the reality of John’s area. Might I suggest that their nonsupport may be predicated on another reason other than living in an affluent neighborhood. Another, more plausible reason, might be the difference in the average IQs of the two towns.

  • Ron
  • East County

Hit the Road, Spanos

Re: “Meet the Filthy Rich Spanos Clan,” September 29 cover story

There is a big majority of us out there (and here) who take umbrage when megawealth families and corporations skate away from paying taxes in the state or country in which their money was earned. It’s a sign of the times and it’s a shame. It is also something that undermines our U.S. tax revenue system, and therefore the IRS can no longer count on these mega wealth “deadbeats” paying their fair share.

These deadbeats obviously don’t care that our country keeps going deeper in debt due to these people and corporations who would rather stick it to the government (and people). To the voters of the Stadium Measure I recommend they vote the Charger Stadium idea down. No public money, ever! The majority of San Diegans don’t give a whit about having a stadium or a team.

Hit the road, Spanos, with your team and your blackmail techniques.

  • Lance Johannsen
  • Carlsbad

We Get It

Re: “Meet the Filthy Rich Spanos Clan,” September 29 cover story

So, you’re telling me that the owners of an NFL team are rich? What? How did that happen? We get it!

Your management and/or writers do not support the downtown stadium proposal. If your best argument against it is that the owners have attended some fancy parties, I think you need to try harder. Then again, how can we expect you to dig up some relevant facts on the issue when you can’t even figure out what page the article is on? (Check the table of contents.)

  • David Zoby
  • Pacific Beach

Learn from the Arts

Re: “Spectator Sports Walloping the Arts,” City Lights, September 29

San Diego is indeed an exception to the “Arts in Trouble” rule; everywhere else, arts venues seem to be going dark, the dwindling audience dwindles more and more, and desperately needed funding to make up the shortfall just isn’t forthcoming from private donors and public sources. Possibly because San Diego is lucky enough to have affluent people who still enjoy theater (and concert) going, combined with a popular resort-city atmosphere, very good restaurants, etc.?

Whatever the combination of reasons might be that make it a great city for art consumers, it is also a great place to be an arts producer. As a playwright living in San Diego, I’ve had the invaluable experience of completing a literary internship at La Jolla Playhouse and sitting on the Board of the Horton Plaza Theatres Foundation. I’ve had plays produced in the U.S., India, England, Canada, Australia, Wales, and Ireland, and have been published in periodicals like The American Cinematographer, Producers Guild Journal, Cahiers du Cinema, and the Journal of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain.

Maybe our professional sports teams could learn something from the arts here in San Diego?

  • David Wiener
  • La Jolla

Love the Mail

I certainly do love the Reader. Every year you guys come out with a big liner that gets lots of letters, with both positive and negative results. Last year it was the pit bulls; this year it seems to be the bike bias. I certainly do enjoy it. At least you get people thinking, and writing, and calling in. I love the hate mail. I love the love mail. Keep up the good work.

  • Jeremy
  • La Mesa

Harbor Seals Honored over Navy SEALs

Re: “What Was He Doing in San Diego?

We need to remember that, unless you are a Native American as I am, you are of immigrant background. There is a difference between immigrant and refugee.

The refugee crisis is largely the fault of the United States. We are currently invading over 150 countries. U.S. drones have murdered upwards of two million children and counting, taken out Doctors Without Borders’ hospitals, and have assassinated Americans without due process, violating the Fourth Amendment.

Drones are operated by recruited video-gamer youth in huts who obey the assassination orders like a video game, calling taking out children “mowing the terrorist lawn.” A youth of nine is considered a terrorist if not with his mother.

The Patriot Act allows your home to be bugged, and you to be arrested and taken from your home without charges or legal representation. We are now guilty until possibly proven innocent, and can be tortured — the philosophy of our CIA.

We fund NSA, CIA, FBI, and the Military Industrial Complex with trillions of dollars that should go to the infrastructure of America. These funds used at home would serve to make America much safer than spreading ourselves thin worldwide and causing the world to hate us. We no longer support Yankee White Clearance, meaning 100% U.S.A. citizenship for all government positions, and only one country is allowed to be in public office and have allegiance to a foreign warring nation. Such dual citizenship/allegiance is now rampant in the White House and judges nationwide. We fund this nation creating genocide on its neighbors 11 million dollars a day. No Canadian or Mexican with dual citizenship can hold public office, no sir, only the one foreign nation which our congress actually signs allegiance to or risk losing their positions is now firmly in control of our White House, Hollywood, 96% of all U.S. media and printing our currency, no longer backed with silver or gold; now backed by oil and the business of war.

Twenty-two veterans a day commit suicide and those death tolls exceed the deaths of the wars themselves. Over 20,000 have lost limbs in post-9/11 illegal wars. They come home to San Diego and are not even honored by having a ramp at the Children’s Pool. Harbor seals are honored, but not limbless Navy SEALs or veterans.

During 9/11 the comptroller of the Pentagon was a dual citizen who lost 2.3 trillion defense dollars, as announced by Rumsfeld on September 10, 2001. This comptroller was also the CEO of the company that manufactured the Flight Termination Remote Control Systems on those airplanes. The missile that hit the Pentagon causing only a 16-foot-diameter hole was directed and hit the office investigating him and our missing trillions of tax dollars, killing everyone and all files — never criminally investigated again. Goodbye $2.3 trillion. Forgotten. Why and how could this be allowed?

Now you know why the jets were not sent to protect the Pentagon — the most protected airspace on the planet. Who had the authority to stand down our protection for the Pentagon?

There was a young man who came in and said to the vice president, “The plane [Flight 77] is 50 miles out” ... “The plane is 30 miles out” ... and when it got down to “The plane is 10 miles out” the young man said to the vice president, “Do the orders still stand?” And the vice president whipped his neck around and said, “Of course the orders still stand, have you heard anything to the contrary?”

Fifteen years later, on September 11, 2016, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth will hold a vitally important conference in New York. A lawsuit has recently been filed against NIST. Almost 3000 licensed architects and engineers have signed the petition for a criminal investigation, putting their reputations on the line, and more are signing every day.

The families want a criminal investigation, as there never was one. All the evidence was trucked and shipped away immediately, which is a federal crime. The University of Alaska is currently investigating the seven-second free fall of Building 7, the Solomon Building, the third building to come down on 9/11 at 5:20 p.m. It was broadcast as coming down by the BBC one half hour earlier than it did as it is still standing and visible behind the reporter. She got her script a half hour too soon.

Trades on the airline companies came in before the attacks, betting the stock would fall, profiting in advance off the attacks. Silverstein, the owner of these World Trade Center Buildings said he gave the order to “pull” the building he had just insured against terrorist planes hitting them six months earlier. He made out better than any bandit, awarded billions of dollars instead of spending them to remove the asbestos, per order of the Port Authority.

No plane hit Building 7 and most Americans do not even know there was a third building that fell. Why is this, folks? Please turn off corporate news lies and propaganda and use your Yankee smarts to do your own investigation. 9/11 is still very much with us and will be unless we unite as a nation for a criminal investigation now. Peace is the safety the world needs now and must have to survive.

  • C. Aspen
  • Pacific Beach

Variety of Perspectives

On behalf of Atheists La Jolla – CA, it’s nice to see the mix of articles in the Sheep and Goats section — drawn from a variety of religions, and no religion, and other philosophical perspectives.

  • Teddy Rodosovich
  • UTC
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