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On April 19, Kristin Choi’s parrot flew away — but he’s not any parrot, he’s Booberry, an Indian ring-neck parrot, aka a rose-ringed parrot, a breed that is well known for their intelligence and speaking abilities.

“He was on my shoulder as I was walking the dogs like we do every day...and he just flew off,” she told me.

Booberry took off from Adrian Street in the Loma Palisades Apartments, but may have been found by someone who inquired about the breed at Petco.

“On April 20, I was at the Sports Arena Petco buying dog food and I thought I would ask the employees if they ever hear about lost and found pets,” she said. “Two employees told me a man came in earlier and said he had found a ‘blue bird’ that landed in his yard. He told them it was really friendly and shared a photo of it. He also told them he wasn’t going to keep it — but he bought bird food as well….

“I showed them a picture of Booberry and the Petco employees confirmed it was the same bird in the gentleman’s photo.”

The ma​​​​​​​​​​​​n also told the employees he was going to put up flyers and try to find the owner. As of today, Choi has not seen any flyers around town and she has been posting flyers herself — but she says her flyers keep getting taken down.

Although Booberry doesn’t know a lot of words yet (he’s only a year old) he loves to give kisses (on the lips) when asked, and he even catcalls and giggles.

“He has to be around the O.B./ Loma Portal area. Please, if you see a man with a blue Indian Ringneck please let me know or tell him that I am desperately trying to find my Booberry,” Choi pleaded on Facebook. “He is very tame and friendly. I just want him home….”

Indian ring-necks are known for their really long tails, but Booberry lost a few tail-feathers and has a short stumpy tail and no ID band.

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MichaelValentine May 14, 2016 @ 5:38 p.m.

Good luck. You should learn how to clip BooBerry's wings. Sounds crewel but it could be a life saver.


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