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Baseball-bat attack

O.B. crafts vendor tried to talk it out to no avail

Earlier this month, Christian Fischer’s life changed after three swings of a baseball bat in Ocean Beach that left him with injuries so severe, it may impact his livelihood forever. “The hospital said many things ...

Paramedics can make more money bagging groceries

Ambulance service state of emergency

In October 2015, American Medical Response acquired Rural Metro, one of the largest emergency (ambulance) providers in the nation. In October of 2017, the medical response company renegotiated with the City of San Diego a ...

Darkroom in the O.B. sand

"Cyanotype, as a process, is really, um, becoming trendy, I guess."

Mission Hills resident Judi Tentor has been a photographer pretty much her entire life. A few years ago she learned a new process called cyanotype photography. She talked a little about it recently as she ...

A Bumblebee in my Starkist tuna?

"You can see eyes and a mouth, wings, a big stinger, and it’s a little hairy.”

On February 12th, Taylor Preus, an employee of Mark’s Guitar Exchange in Point Loma, got more than he expected with his lunch. “I was just going about my daily routine — selling guitars — and ...

Voltaire Street property sale raises ruckus

Ocean Beach publication doesn't resist rumors in climate of rental market unrest

Steve Yeng, one of the owners of the OB Noodle House, Bar 1502, and the Holding Company on Newport Avenue, this week confirmed the acquisition of the property the original OB Noodle House is on ...

Cool piece of history starts to crack

Ocean Beach's Silver Spray Apartments doomed?

“I can hear the cracks as they happen,” Burke Inman told me. “I’m kind of freaked out to be honest.” The historic Silver Spray Apartments at 5116 Narragansett Ave in Ocean Beach is fabled for ...

New pie shop to take place of old Nati's

Plan for O.B. mainstay Mexican restaurant is more than a remodel

In December it was announced that Nati’s Mexican Restaurant in Ocean Beach was sold and would close for renovations and remodeling. On December 13th, Nati’s co-owner Dennis Kerr issued a press release, saying, "It is ...

Robb Field's dumpster overflow problem

Citizens trace origin of trash brought in from elsewhere

For the second time this month, two city dumpsters at Robb Field in Ocean Beach have been filled to overflowing with trash and recyclable materials left piled up next to the dumpsters. The first incident ...

Suspect solicitor said to be one of sham sales group

"They said he has been wreaking havoc around there."

On December 24th of last year the Reader published an article about an overly aggressive solicitor who’d been knocking on doors at all hours of the day and night. Since the article posted, complaints continue ...

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