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City code harshing on Surf Check's mellow?

Enforcement thwarts coffeeshop's humble aspirations

Since opening the Surf Check coffee shop last year, Richard Aguirre says he has been embroiled in a permitting process that is unfairly targeting his business. The Surf Check, a blue-and-white camper trailer located on ...

Sunset Cliffs at Voltaire, you dirty thing

No bleach-cleaning for sidewalk on filthy O.B. corner, neighbors at odds

Earlier this year, George Machuca bought the Precision Wireless business located at 4799 ½ Voltaire Street, located between Ocean Beach People’s Market and a liquor store. “When I first bought this business it was just ...

Party-bus pukefest in O.B.

“A lot of them scattered and took off in Ubers to avoid getting arrested.”

On Saturday, September 30th, two chartered California Limo Buses rolled into Ocean Beach carrying approximately 100 college-age students. They were dropped off near the intersection of Santa Monica Avenue and Abbott Street, near the pier. ...

Later, Bones — Sunshine Co. mural painted over

“After 12 years of dirt and corrosion, it was time, it was falling apart."

“The mural that was just painted over was done in 2005 — and there was one before that as well that included local characters at the time…. We had the ZZ Top–looking guy, who was ...

Couldn't find a fight, so girl keys car in O.B.

“She backed up into my boss’s car, then got out and scratched his car."

Around noon on Sunday, September 24th, reports of an aggressive, bra-wearing driver and her silent sidekick driving around O.B. like lunatics started being reported on Facebook. Jane was the first to alert the community of ...

Hooked by a 20-pound yellowtail

"It couldn't be pushed through or pulled out due to tendons..."

“What started out as a great Friday [September 15] turned south when I was attacked by an upset yellowtail,” wrote Matt Hayward in an Instagram post. “I was on a solo trip and had the ...

Buzzed man at the beach falls into the drink

Underpants-wearing rescuers fish him out for hospital ride

“I’ve never heard a sound like that, “ Devin told me. “He literally fell backwards, off the cliff, and banged his head hard on the rocks.” Devin was one the three men who witnessed the ...

Parks & Rec truck runs over transient

Suspicion as to whether victim sought to harm himself

A city Parks & Rec employee emptying trashcans in Ocean Beach on Saturday (August 26) accidentally ran over a man who appears to have situated himself under the truck on purpose. The incident occurred in ...

The shark guy of Ocean Beach Pier

“We eat everything we catch.”

“I’ve been coming to this pier for over 20 years to fish — every Sunday and at least four times a week,” José Plascencia told me as he was loading his grandson Ethan into his ...

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