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Shot heard 'round San Diego

Revolver's win at beer festival prompts aim at bigger market

In summer 2015, BNS Brewing and Distilling Co. won a gold medal at the California State Fair for its Gatling Gun Imperial Stout. That regional win inspired the nanobrewery to submit its stout to a ...

Educational turf war down south

"Until the courts say we have to, we won’t leave.”

In the latest round of charter-school wrangles, the legality of Otay Ranch Academy for the Arts has been challenged by the Chula Vista Elementary School District. On February 25, the San Diego Union -Tribune reported ...

Program music is the problem

Does a program help the music?

Since I carped long and hard about Berlioz and man-splaining, let us go to the root of the issue — program music. Program music is a composition that attempts to portray a specific mood or ...

Lifeguard to run for mayor

Ed Harris (along with Lori Saldaña) to challenge Faulconer

Longtime lifeguard, union chief, and onetime city-council member, Democrat Ed Harris has declared he will run for mayor against incumbent Kevin Faulconer, according to a statement of intent filed with the city clerk’s office on ...

25 kinds of lout

Now You See It at North Coast Rep

Best of Show: director Bruce Turk devised an inspired curtain call. In the spirit of farceur Georges Feydeau, Turk pulls the equivalent of rabbits out of hats. Four of his five-member cast seek the fifth, ...

America's largest park: Death Valley

Make the 5.5-hour drive now for the El Niño superbloom, while it lasts.

A visit to Death Valley can be a wonderful opportunity to clear your mind of some of the mental clutter we accrue in our daily routines and enjoy a digital detox while soaking in some ...

Will Oscar freebies change Union-Tribune’s destiny?

Chicago newspaper mogul stirs L.A. Times furor by grabbing reporters' Academy Award tickets

How likely is Michael Ferro, the San Diego Union-Tribune’s new uber-master in Chicago, to sell the paper to someone else, in particular Los Angeles Democratic billionaire Eli Broad? Speculation has been hot and heavy among ...

Graffiti backs up citizens to the seawall

Reports, repairs, and mural commissioning among solutions

Over the past few years, the sandstone cliffs and similarly colored retaining walls in Ocean Beach have been plagued by graffiti and tagging. The City of San Diego has a rewards program if you nab ...

Bad, bad teacher sentenced

Seven years for Chula Vista substitute who collected kiddie porn

Alejandro Castillo, Jr., a former substitute teacher at Chula Vista's Los Altos Elementary School, was sentenced yesterday (February 29) to seven years in prison for receiving images of child pornography. According to public record, Castillo ...

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