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A giant can of beer to go

A couple pints at home with a growler alternative

A few months ago, I started hearing about breweries adding a new alternative to growlers in their tasting rooms: giant beer cans. Basically, a beertender fills a topless 32-ounce can straight from the tap. Then, ...

Beetles invasion rocks biologists' world

"Buy your firewood where you will burn it; don't haul it around."

More than 70,000 trees in the Tijuana River Valley are damaged — many are dying — from a Southeast Asian beetle that has also harmed more than two dozen North County avocado growers. Trees in ...

Qualcomm...a "patent troll"?

Rep. Darrell Issa pushes for reform, meets frustration

Patent reform stalled in Congress last year, but some solons are pushing hard for it this year. One bloc looking for reforms wants to rein in patent lawsuits. This reform would make it tougher for ...

The Murderer's Row of classical music

Heavy hitters coming to San Diego this week

In baseball terms the classical music lineup this week could be called Murderer’s Row because there are some heavy hitters in town. As mentioned in the symphony review from Saturday night’s concert, Jeremy Denk is ...

Boat thief/vandal attacks owner and gets all tied up

First to hospital, then to jail

1/13 911 call reporting two deaf teenagers in distress off York Ct. SPB had already spotted the rescues and U-21 is in route code three, one swimmer self rescues and the other one is rescued ...

Here come the cameras, O.B.

Will police have available budget to monitor video in real-time?

A group of Ocean Beach residents, organized under the banner Citizens Against Privacy Abuse, gathered at the foot of Newport Avenue on Saturday afternoon (January 16) to protest the planned installation of ten surveillance cameras ...

San Diego Symphony gets stuck

...before Jeremy Denk brings us home

Every piece of music on Saturday night was tied to the piano. The piano theme is part of the San Diego Symphony’s Upright and Grand initiative for the piano and I’m enjoying the music it ...

Sunset Cliffs crackup no laughing matter

Rains’ effects present serious situation at natural park

San Diego's coastal bluffs are showing the effects of El Niño rains. National Weather Service data shows season to date rain totals for Lindbergh Field at 5.87 inches, or 141 percent of normal. Because of ...

Take a ride on Cambodia's Bamboo Train

"It's 120 degrees, I am soaking wet, and having the time of my life."

On my third run I am getting the hang of things, taking cues from the pig next to me to see how far he leans into the turns while ducking in time to avoid the ...

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