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Another whale freed

SeaWorld to the rescue

2/19 — Vessel aground at Capistrano Ct. in Mariners Cove. RP requesting LG assistance to pull vessel off the beach. 24Sam responds by land, and advises that LG’s will not provide a tow due to ...

Border Patrol’s forward bases collapsing into disrepair

Broken TV cameras and bad air conditioning plague “actionable intelligence” outposts

A little-known system of "forward operating bases" run by the U.S. Border Patrol along the Southwest border with Mexico suffers from a host of “security issues, safety and health concerns, and inadequate living conditions," according ...

Concrete concern in Leucadia

Barricades won't be used to eliminate free, informal parking

Recently, several stacks of concrete railroad ties appeared in Leucadia, at the north end of Coast Highway 101 at Avocado Street. The ties are the same industrial style as the ones used by the North ...

Berlioz, Nielsen, and the San Diego Symphony

The rise of the man-splanation

There is an ungodly amount of “man-splaining” that occurs at the symphony and opera. What is “man-splaining” you ask? It is the terrible habit men have to point out and “explain” obvious elements to the ...

Massive plans for bike lanes where? When?

Association of governments has some answers but not all

The first time I heard about the San Diego Association of Governments’ plans to significantly change the street alongside my house was at a planning-group meeting — for a different community. I was stunned for ...

First bluefin tuna of 2016 caught off Colonet

Also: rockfish season opens tomorrow

Weekly fishing report Inshore: This past week the moon phase kept our nighttime orb between 91% illuminated to full, and back to 92% from Saturday through Friday. That’s a lot of light at night, which ...

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