Exactly how much will be for public use has not been specified
  • Exactly how much will be for public use has not been specified
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A call for "visionary redevelopment plans" for a parcel including 35 acres of land and 13 acres of water along Harbor Island's east basin was issued this week by the Port of San Diego.

The space, directly across the street from San Diego International Airport, currently houses several rent-a-car lots, which will be moved to a new facility north of the airport next January.

"One of the largest waterfront redevelopment opportunities in San Diego, the site offers the rare occasion for a developer to reimagine a commercial and community space that has the potential to become an iconic location in the region," notes a September 16 release.

The port suggests proposals that include components for maritime use, public open spaces, retail/restaurant use, or hotels (though expanded resort use is already planned for the area).

Consideration is also being given to keep the land for use by official port facilities.

"[Harbor Police Department] has a temporary building on the site and an outdated building elsewhere, and the Port administration building is also outdated and costly to maintain," port officials say.

A timeline for submission and review of proposals on the property's redevelopment has yet to be determined.

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dwbat Sept. 18, 2015 @ 12:20 p.m.

How about a craft brewery, hair salon, vape shop, tattoo parlor, hamburger or taco stand, and workout gym? We don't have enough of those in SD.


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