Pacific sanddab (Citharichthys sordidus)
  • Pacific sanddab (Citharichthys sordidus)
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Weekly fishing report

½ Day - ¾ Day: The local yellowtail bite slowed a bit this past week for the inshore anglers though the barracuda are showing just off the kelp. Schools of bonito are popping up sporadically. The bluefin tuna are still around in local waters, tempting some of the boats to go outside instead of their normal near-shore spots. Rockfish continue to dominate the ½ day boat counts. A large number of gamefish caught in the area have been gorging on the huge number of pelagic crabs along the coastline.

1 Day to 2.5 Day: A good number of boats are still roaming just above the border and outside in search of the good-sized bluefin in the area and occasional schools of yellowfin tuna ranging north as the water warms. Yellowtail are being found proximate to kelp paddies offshore as well as at Catalina and San Clemente Islands.

June 7-13 landing totals: 2,787 anglers aboard 123 boats caught 4,690 rockfish, 812 yellowtail, 109 whitefish, 51 sheephead, 37 lingcod, 901 calico bass, 43 barracuda, 98 sculpin, 101 bluefin tuna, 319 bonito, 21 sand bass, 23 bocaccio, 5 halibut, 11 sanddab, 1 rubberlip seaperch and 34 yellowfin tuna.

Freshwater: The word is out. Most San Diego county lakes are on fire. Warm water and very low capacity levels has activated and concentrated largemouth bass. What’s working best? Top water crank baits or buzz baits in the morning, jerk baits through the day and go deeper and slower with plastics in the evening.

Whale Report: Hornblower will begin their blue whale season June 27, though other whale watch operations currently working are sighting quite a few of the giant leviathans. Blue whales are known to not only eat tiny plankton and krill, but also pelagic crabs and even small baitfish. The large amount of the small lobster-like “tuna crab”, or pelagic crab, in the area may explain the early arrival of the big blues.

Trout Plants: 06/24/15 Cuyamaca (1200)

Catfish Plants: 06/19/15 Santee Lakes (1000)

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Dean Bekken June 30, 2011 @ 1:50 p.m.

Wow, nice selections on the "writers."


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