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Dear Hipster:

My girlfriend always wears my shirts. I think she thinks it’s cute, but it kind of bugs me. I said something about it to her one time, but that upset her. Should I just let go of it, or do I have a right to be annoyed?

— Andrew

Are you afraid she’s going to jinx your favorite band, and they might break up?

Let’s play a little perspective game called, “She keeps borrowing my….”

...razor? Never, ever okay for any reason.

...toothbrush? Eww.

...car without asking? How could this happen unnoticed?

...yoga pants? This would be what you deserve for owning yoga pants.

...book? She’s a reader, and therefore a keeper.

...phone? Afraid of incriminating evidence, you dastardly devil?

Now, how does the shirt ish measure up? Doesn’t seem like such a big deal, does it?

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