Details of Jessica’s layered jewelry; Society6 Octopus leggings just $40!
  • Details of Jessica’s layered jewelry; Society6 Octopus leggings just $40!
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Strolling down the sunny streets of South Park on a Saturday afternoon, I came across a young woman with brightly colored leggings that caught my eye. Jessica Roque, a lead software engineer, was making her way home from Cafe Madeline, where she spent the day developing code for her remote position with an online, integrative medical educational platform.

When I asked the 25-year-old what inspired her outfit choice, she readily replied, “I typically end up wearing whatever I’m going to wear to yoga or to climb at the end of the day; that way I only have to think of an outfit once and I can be comfortable. This way, I can focus on doing great work with my brain instead of being distracted by how my jeans are restricting my abdomen when I’m sitting.”

A practical outfit to save brain power — I couldn’t help but think about how much decision making energy I’ve spent on switching out one necklace for another in the mornings before work.

I complimented her on her bright pink octopus leggings (Society6, $40). Although San Diego may be home of the yoga pants, you rarely see any that are quite as eccentric.

Roque smiled. “My motto is that life is too short to wear boring pants, and that’s why I love Society6. They have so many unique graphics from a collective of artists that you can choose from and have printed onto leggings. They’re like tattoos that you can switch out.”

The rest of her outfit consisted of a maroon tank top (Forever 21, $3!) with a knitted black cardigan on top (Stolen from her mom’s closet, free), and essential black booties (H&M, $35). Her accessories consisted of two layers of necklaces. The shorter of the two was black tourmaline, hand-wrapped by Roque herself. The Mexican coin necklace she found in the street markets during a recent visit to Rosarito.

Given the chance to describe her style in a few words, Roque paused for a second then responded, “Functional, fluid, free.”

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