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Neologisms before they're cool

The truly hip don't even have a word for that yet.

Dear Hipster: Why isn’t there a word for “being into something before it was cool”? — Stephen, Hillcrest I don’t know. Maybe there is. Preliking? I’m willing to take suggestions from readers, and we’ll force ...

Could ratepayers' day be coming soon?

Feds investigating secret emails between CPUC and PG&E

Things are happening fast and furious over the back-channel communications between Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) and officials of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) over the amount PG&E should be assessed for its role ...

Peace gives PG&E a chance

Brown-spurned utility cash welcomed by San Diego PAC

Jerry Brown may have sworn off political cash from Pacific Gas and Electric, but one high-flying San Diego ex-legislator is doubling down with the giant Northern California utility's money. The Democratic governor's reelection campaign reported ...

Doh! Sam Simon sued following chinchilla deal

Vista 90-year-old says she never ran a "fur farm"

Lurlie Adams, the 90-year old former owner of the Valley View Chinchilla Ranch who had her 422 chinchillas taken from her amid accusations of mistreatment is fighting back. Adams had bred chinchillas at the ranch ...

Someone pleads guilty to first-degree murder

Brian Chang admits killing his mother in Solana Beach in 2010

This morning, October 7, in San Diego Superior Court, a Los Angeles man admitted murdering his mother in her million-dollar Solana Beach home nearly five years ago. Brian Chang, now 33, pleaded guilty to first-degree ...

He's an actor, alright

San Diego man accused of impersonating Kiowa Gordon, conning young girls

According to publications such as the Des Moines Register and New York Daily News, David Anthony LaVera, 33, of San Diego, will be arraigned this afternoon (October 7) on federal charges related to child pornography. ...

Paso Robles, CA, by motorcyle

Tips for this under-six-hour weekend getaway route.

Our local weather is routinely terrific-to-spectacular, making the area a motorcyclist’s nirvana. And for weekend getaways, we motorcyclists hold distinct advantages over those who travel by car. There's the freedom that comes from the wind ...

Bedeviled by the details

When "unpretentious" just means "mediocre."

The closest San Diego comes to having a “China Town” is the stretched out expanse of cold, industrial Convoy Street in Kearny Mesa. The mile-long stretch of pedestrian-unfriendly road is home to nearly 100 Korean, ...

Three for the opera

Get a front-row seat for "opera crazy."

This is a big week for classical music. Let's take a look at what's going down. There are three opera concerts that are going to be pretty good. The first is the continuing Opera Wednesdays ...

Coastal exposure

Santee’s Twisted Manzanita Ales opens PB tasting room

In going coastal, Twisted Manzanita Ales (4652 Mission Boulevard, Pacific Beach) has departed from the interior motif of the tasting room at its Santee headquarters. Ironically, this comes from the company desiring to provide a ...

Details not in the Diablo report

PG&E’s peculiar unconcern for fault line beneath state's last nuclear plant

Parallel narratives between the defunct San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station and Diablo Canyon, the state's last operational nuclear power plant, are continuing to emerge. Back in 2010, the lights were still on at San Onofre ...

Limiting out

October 6 dock totals Chubasco 2 Sportfishing 12 Anglers, 1 Boat, 35 Barred Sand Bass, 16 California Yellowtail, 25 Kelp Bass, 60 Pacific Bonito, 3 Rockfish, 1 California Halibut Fisherman's Landing 142 Anglers, 5 Boats, ...

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