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La Jolla Cove is becoming a sea lion cesspool

...and there’s not much to be done about it

The jewel of San Diego is flawed. Business owners claim they’ve done everything they can to appeal to San Diego city government to try and eliminate the stench and growing aggressiveness of sea lions at La Jolla Cove. City officials claim they are taking things a step at a time.

Indonesian woman says she was enslaved in San Diego area

Local couple among defendants in civil lawsuit

A San Diego area couple, Rim and Tarik Alahmad, are defendants in a lawsuit brought forth by an Indonesian woman who claimed she was enslaved for 13 years in the United States. The suit was ...

Deja Voodoo is just pure shredding

Interview with Taz Taylor, whose 2014 album Deja Voodoo won’t include any vocals — just pure shredding, metal heads! Deedle-eedle-eedle-eedle-leedle-dee-dee!

Earth’s fastest violinist

Juilliard-trained David Garrett won’t talk about departing the Royal College of Music in London after one semester, but he can play 13 notes in one second and is scheduled to play Balboa Theatre on January 26 — so what’s the big deal?!

No process yet to replace Sweetwater trustee Ricasa

Only three board members show up at special meeting

No one was surprised to see that the Sweetwater Union High School District board failed to agree on a process to replace former trustee Arlie Ricasa at a January 14 special meeting. (Ricasa pleaded guilty ...

City named in third lawsuit related to Filner allegations

"Serious emotional distress"; "shaking, crying, and afraid"

A third lawsuit has been filed against ousted former mayor Bob Filner over charges of sexual harassment made while he was in office. This time the plaintiffs are Marine veteran Katherine Ragazzino and her nurse, ...

Brick runs dry

Brick by Brick’s liquor license is suspended for a year…and though management seems confident they’ll get it back, they’re cautious about talking about it.

Trust me. I’m a chef.

Ed gets protective of his egg-topped pizza in the Gaslamp.

“Hi there!” “Hello. Care to see...” I notice they target the man every time. Good strategy.

Don't think Parquet Courts is a silly band

Donuts only

Andrew Savage says his band Parquet Courts is no joke, but they like to joke around. He says he never thought Light Up Gold would be reissued and they’d be touring it.

Wealthy Silberman clan backs Alvarez

Cash to Faulconer's cause includes $15,000 from plastic-cup-maker

The son and daughter-in-law of Richard Silberman, the fallen San Diego financier who was once a powerful advisor to Democratic governor Jerry Brown, have cast their lot with Brown's fellow Democrat, city councilman David Alvarez, ...

Deborah Gilmour Smyth blooms

No cupcake

In person, if you didn’t know her, Deborah Gilmour Smyth wouldn’t strike you as a performer. Soft-spoken and humble, she calls little attention to herself. But onstage, Smyth blooms into someone else, literally and figuratively, ...

Eat your roots

Not unlike the Japanese tourist who kicks off Paolo Sorrentino’s latest cinematic feast by collapsing under the scenic force of his search for the great beauty of Rome, I find myself more than a bit ...

Beautiful girls give away free milk at Lake Murray

They only look like models

Marketing reps for Muscle Milk set up their camp in the Lake Murray parking lot for only about ten minutes on January 13 at 2:30 p.m. The two pretty girls who came to the lake ...

Ratt gets ready to roll

On San Diego: "What happened to this place?"

Ratt frontman Stephen Pearcy talks about the ’80s San Diego glory days…but — BUT! — the band is getting to roll again. Can’t keep a good Ratt down. Take note, so-called “pest controllers”!

Middle Peak

Hikers have wide open views of the peak in the aftermath of the Cedar Fire.

In 1907, General Land Office (GLO) survey records note “Mid Peak” as the peak between North and Cuyamaca peaks. It was not until 1970 that “Middle” Peak appeared on forest maps. Middle Peak used to ...

Freaking Frauds

Somebody takes a joy ride with Barb’s money

I sifted through the messy pile of papers on my desk, growing more agitated by the moment. “I know I wrote down the confirmation number,” I said to David, who was standing beside me, waiting. ...

Death of a news wire

At the beginning of the last century, the most powerful man in San Diego was E.W. Scripps, a bearded newspaper king who ruled a big chunk of the nation’s journalism and print opinion from the ...

Bloody fight in San Marcos goes to court

Beer-bottle bash to the head yields 30 stitches

“This is a mess,” said judge Harry Elias, commenting on a bloody street fight that happened last October in San Marcos; the matter came before his court January 14. The alleged victim, Elvis Gonzalez, claimed ...

Coronado Brewing gains solid footing

Island brewery’s mainland system dialed in nicely

A period of adjustment accompanies nearly every brewery expansion. Going from one system to another, particularly a much larger brewing apparatus, requires some getting used to. Recipes need to be ramped up, efficiencies tested, recipes ...

Bankable Papa

A long legal battle between a disgruntled vendor and a proto-bank sponsored by real-estate guru and U-T publisher Douglas Manchester is about to have another round in court, this time in Houston, Texas. The extended ...

E-cigs face enormous obstacles

San Diego vaporizer salesmen see the devices as instrumental in weaning smokers from tobacco smoke. They refute the notion that “vaping” is attracting children. Legislators seem to be lumping the practice in with tobacco smoking and all its accompanying prohibitions.

Defense contractor Vector admits criminal fraud

Will pay $6.5 million for submitting false claims

San Diego–based Vector Planning & Services yesterday (January 14) admitted that it criminally defrauded the Department of Defense. The company agreed to pay $6.5 million to resolve civil and criminal cases. The company admitted that ...

Blues flying high

The conservative Blue brothers, Linden and Neal of La Jolla, are well known for their backing of Republicans near and far. During the fall mayoral special election, Linden tossed in $5000 for San Diego County’s ...


Gentle Disruption A practical solution to the La Jolla wildlife stench problem could be to, on a calm day, run one of the Port of San Diego’s new harbor police/fire-fighting vessels around to the waters ...

A Toast

To your voice, a mysterious virtue, to the 53 bones of one foot, the four dimensions of breathing to pine, redwood, sworn-fern, peppermint, to hyacinth and bluebell lily. to the train conductor’s donkey on a ...

In San Diego clubs Sunday-Wednesday, January 19–22

Sunday 19Goofy Canada band Jelly Boyz will play the Ché Café campus collective on Sunday. The blink-y quartet’s just out of high school with eight ears dialed deftly (and deafly, given the volume) into ’90s ...

Al Ghazali

Love for God is the furthest reaches of all stations, the sum of the highest degrees, and there is no station after that of love, except its fruit and its consequences…nor is there any station ...

Auntie Mame, Heist

“Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death.” Rosalind Russell is the larger-than-life Mame, a quirky socialite who becomes the guardian of her young nephew at the outset of the Depression. ...

Prince of Darkness, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera

To me, Prince of Darkness is one of John Carpenter’s scariest films. Not so much having to do with blood and gore but rather because of the psychological suspense and taking a controversial topic and ...

In San Diego clubs Thursday-Saturday, January 16–18

Thursday 16“Part art project, part band,” according to Crooks on Tape’s (ex-Enon, -Braniac) one sheet. The L.A.-based improv-pop trio will take the stage at Soda Bar behind their Misra debut Fingerprints, a psych-pop set that ...

The League of Gentlemen, Fanboys

Little known in the U.S. and not to be confused with The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The League of Gentlemen is a jet-black, surreal, BBC comedy — sort of Monty Python meets the Addams Family ...