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Everyone need not apply

Over 40 residents vie for Chula Vista council seat

In June, Chula Vista voters approved Proposition B, which allows the city council to appoint an applicant to a seat that “will sit vacant for more than 13 months but fewer than 25 months.” When ...

Citify your New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve festivities in the Kelly home bounce between ringing in the year at private house parties to lounging at home with appetizers, drinks, and movies. “We’ve never done the Downtown NYE party scene, ...

Swaps at the top

2014 saw the two big guys change their leadership.

A quick review of 2014 is in order. For all the drama, I believe it was a good year for classical music in San Diego. We’ll start with the organizational bits. There were significant changes ...

Nuke transport chief noted for hostility

Top-secret U.S. nuclear team has anger-management issues

San Diego is a literal hot spot of high-grade military nuclear materials, from the nuke-tipped missiles on Point Loma–based submarines to the reactors powering the subs and aircraft carriers frequenting the harbor. "There are some ...

Wylandesque flukes

Over 50 gray whale sightings reported since Christmas Day.

Whale watch Gray whales are showing well. Hornblower reported over 50 since Christmas day. Spouts, backs out of the water even Wyland-esque flukes slowly sinking out in a slow dive. There was one report of ...

Destroyed orchid

Trashed mural prompts federal lawsuit

A husband and wife art team has filed a federal complaint against the United Food and Commercial Workers union for destroying a mural the duo had painted at the union's headquarters in 1998. The following ...

Top 10 Reader stories of 2014

A year of news and stories in order of popularity

1) SeaWorld announces shift from orcas to sharks — Shark Week, every week Polling conducted via YouTube showed that 90% of people would rather watch a shark jump out of the water to eat a ...

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