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Touching the money fur in Prince Edward Island

Hanging with a herd of alpacas in Canada’s smallest province.

Grass and girls. That was what life was all about, at least viewed through the black, bulby eyes of Keswick, a seven-year-old alpaca. His muppet-like neck bobbing in front of my wife and me, Keswick ...

At work on Christmas

What it’s like

Christmas Day seems to be the last sacred work holiday for most employees working in the retail, food, and service industries — for some anyway. Back in the 1970s, I worked several Christmases at the ...

Heaven & Earth, by Yes

“Wimps,” Robert Christgau sneered, comparing them to Talking Heads — who were wimps, he proclaimed, without “vagueness or cheap romanticism.” But that was ’77; the Heads (whom I love) left us; and four Englishmen, fronted ...


San Diego Zoo Safarl Park caretakers turn to "horn porn" in effort to spur breeding.

GETTING READY TO FEEL THE EARTH MOVE UNDER MY FEET, ESCONDIDO — Years ago, there were three northern white rhinoceroses living here at the Safari Park: male Angalifu, and females Noti and Nola. Tragically, they ...

Jump, jive, and Ho ho ho!

Brian Setzer blasts through Temecula with a holiday showcase and a little rockabilly for your stocking

Though he has made music for decades, Brian Setzer’s own influences extend to the early 20th century. Which is why it only makes sense that one of his guitars now hangs in the Smithsonian Museum ...

Big Blue

Santa made his rounds and I see lots of folks were blessed with fishing rods and reels and lures and guided trips and such. Most of you were fishing around under the tree, giving and ...

Let’s Be Friends

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