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Brett Stalbaum's Gun Geo Marker already hacked

Want to out your gun-toting neighbors? There's an app for that.

An app developed by UCSD lecturer Brett Stalbaum allows users to pinpoint exact spots of irresponsible gun ownership, storage, and use. However, it has been criticized for being unreliable and a potential invasion of privacy.

In San Diego clubs Monday–Wednesday, November 18–20

Monday 18One of the Crawler’s favorite L.A. acts, the alt-rock trio Nightmare Air drifts into Soda Bar Monday night. Bassist/vocalist Swaan Miller and guitarist Dave Dupuis (Film School) throw down layers of lush harmonics that ...

Ivanhoe, Kingdom of Heaven

When I was a kid I remember seeing Ivanhoe — starring Robert Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor, and Joan Fontaine — when I was home sick from school. The jousting scene was the first time I had ...

Study says City of San Diego underfunding health benefits

Not as bad as Deroit, though

City of San Diego employees may soon see their retiree health benefits cut significantly, according to a study by ElderBranch, an online information portal dealing with healthcare issues. Cities are underfunding employees' healthcare plans, and ...

Kelvin’s Cool Waters

Kelvin’s bartender Jeremy LaFave is helping to liberate palates burnt out on high-juice, high-fructose content of the typical tropical drink. According to LaFave, Kelvin’s Cool Waters is the inspired concoction of mixologist Charlotte Boffey, which ...


How big you want your micro-flat?

Architects John Sheehan, Josh Hoffman write about the trend toward construction of “micro-flats.”

Downtown Partnership denied taxpayer money to fight lawsuit

Litigation is, misuse of taxpayer money

The Downtown San Diego Partnership won't be able to dip into taxpayer funds to help pay for legal help needed to fight a lawsuit over mismanagement of the $5.5 million in annual revenues collected under ...

The gift of cheesemaking

Cheese 101

"I have enough stuff,” said my aunt-in-law Cheryl when I asked her what she wanted for Christmas this year. “I prefer gifts I can eat or things to do.” I thought of cheese. Cait Gunderson, ...

Penthouse at Park Laurel

Noted Spanish-language author seeks to unload $4.8 million penthouse.

Privet, a band in a box

Privet the duo of Sean Walsh and William Hagan and an ever-changing cast of sidemen, recently film-scored a documentary, and did sound design for a feature-length movie, Sweet Sexy Ocean, about a San Diego urchin diver.

Coyote Mountain's South Shoulder, Anza-Borrego

Take this hike for dramatic views of the Anza-Borrego Desert and a different view of Borrego Valley.

In San Diego clubs Saturday & Sunday, November 16 & 17

Saturday 16Soda Bar serves up Beverly, Mass six-piece Caspian Saturday night. The experimental instrumentalists this week released (Hymn For) The Greatest Generation, an EP of elegiac rock songs using the basic tools of the trade, ...

Migratory Crowes

Interview with Black Crowes drummer Steve Gorman. Band is scheduled to play Balboa Theatre on December 11. Band recently announced this tour is their last.

Cardiff by the Sea off ramp gets trashed

Recycling truck catches fire

On November 11, a motorist traveling northbound on I-5 through Solana Beach noticed smoke coming from the trailer of a semi truck. He reported it to the CHP at 3:45 p.m. When the truck finally ...

Life during wartime

A new study, published in the journal Pediatrics, has found that in 2012, the mean level of gun violence in PG-13 films exceeded the level of gun violence in R-rated films. That’s just gun violence ...

Rumble at the Hyatt, part 2

As of Monday, the World Chess Championship is even. There have been two quick draws. Defending his title is five-time world champion Viswanathan (Vishy) Anand, 43. The challenger is Magnus Carlsen, a 22-year-old Norwegian and ...

Wild Child: a story of two bands

Wild Child: a story of two bands that share the same name but couldn’t be less alike. One Wild Child is a Doors tribute act, the other Wild Child a freak-folk band from Austin. The ...

Development is good, except when it isn’t

On the other side of the tracks from the strip-joint business, La Jolla–based influence-peddler Matt Peterson continues to pull down heavy money from ex-GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his wife Anne, hard at work ...

Geyser murders, part 3

There was enough evidence to hang Indian Jose Gabriel for the killings of the Geyser family on Otay Mesa in 1892…at least by mob standards.

Qualcomm opens coffers for Fletcher's cause

To counterattack hits by GOP Lincoln Club, corporation cuts check for $49,000

San Diego's GOP Lincoln Club relentlessly nipping at its heels, cell-phone giant Qualcomm — founded by La Jolla billionaire Democrat Irwin Jacobs and run by his son Paul — has finally tossed some major money ...

Shade, heat, johns missing from library café

The City of San Diego is still looking for someone to turn the currently empty café space in the courtyard outside downtown’s posh new central library into a going concern. But due to city budget ...

The Turks are a charter school near you - REMOVED PER JH

Beware the “Gulenization” of public charter school.

Who is Fethullah Gülen, and why does he want to teach San Diego’s kids? Behind Magnolia Schools is a nationwide Turkish organization that some suspect is preying on the minds of lower-income minorities; the inference being that offering a free education is a means by which the Islamic-based organization can impart their religion on more Americans.

Beer Touring: Barrel Harbor Brewing

Recognized while reviewing at one of Vista’s newest operations

“Are you reviewing the beers?” It was a question both innocent and unexpected.. Amazingly, this is the first time anybody has ever approached me in the middle of a quality check, so big props to ...

The bare necessities

A decade after the Cheetahs strip-club bribery scandal rocked San Diego’s city hall, resulting in the indictment of three city-council members (one, Ralph Inzunza, ended up doing hard time in a Central Valley federal lockup), ...

Lemon Grove boy claims he escaped would-be kidnapper

Deputies go on search, soon after learn the story was fake

An student at Monterey Heights Elementary in Lemon Grove apparently fabricated a story that sent sheriff's deputies and a law-enforcement helicopter on a fruitless chase for a would-be child abductor on Tuesday afternoon (November 12). ...

Child of the ’70s

Rick Reed, frontman for ’70s–’80s hard-rock band Child, hears from an Orange County label interested in reissues of his band’s music.

Poor me...some coffee

Singer/guitarist Jonny Cuz of Se Vende says his band recently did their first gig in two years because he and bassist Collin Smith were in jail. And they’re recovering addicts. The future is bright.

Clap on, clap off

Not Worthy Thanks to Dorian Hargrove for the cover article (“Friday Night Lights Out”) about a disturbing trend in district ridiculousness and poor judgement. The article highlights who really is affected: the high school athletes ...

Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association

Love is the bridge to God

Interview with pastor April Leona Cunningham of Escondido’s Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association. She says she predicted the death of Robert and John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr.

In San Diego clubs Thursday & Friday, November 14 & 15

Thursday 14Japan is an island nation of way over a million personhoods whose main export is noise rock. No, it isn’t, but with recording/touring acts such as the Boredoms, the Acid Mothers collectives, and Melt-Banana ...