Fletcher outside his college fraternity, circa 1996.
  • Fletcher outside his college fraternity, circa 1996.
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Republican San Diego mayoral candidate Kevin Faulconer has made political hay from Democratic candidate Nathan Fletcher's refusal to release his college transcripts from his years at California Baptist University. "In these post-Filnerian times, we need absolute transparency about a candidate's background. We can't afford another stealth predator who sneaks into office on the strength of his public platform. So yeah, Fletcher has released hundreds of pages of military records, years of tax returns, copies of his pay stubs and information about his thousands of donors. But frankly, all that information just makes the big blank around his college years loom larger."

College daze: Fletcher; Fletcher and Dean Wormer's wife Marion, Fletcher today

Now, SD on the QT has information that may help to explain Fletcher's reticence. Though his transcript remains a mystery, we do have a letter written from Fletcher to the wife of CBU's Dean Vernon Wormer. The language in the letters is coy, but terms like "lollygagging," "spitting the winkle," and "depelting" seem to indicate a life of chemical and sexual degradation. Why Fletcher would be referring to such behaviors in a letter to the Dean's wife is perhaps best explained by these photos, obtained along with the letter by SD on the QT through means we'd rather not discuss.

"We've all had some wild years and youthful indiscretions," comments Faulconer. "Well, except me. But come on — the Dean's wife? Delta Tau Chi sounds like it was some kind of animal house."

Reached for comment, Fletcher's spokesman scoffed, "This dirt-digging is a political sideshow. The next thing's going to be dental records."

"It's funny he should mention dental records," concluded Faulconer. "Because after DTC's infamous 1997 'Werewolves of Riverside' Halloween party, a pretty co-ed from Psi Theta Psi visited the campus infirmary with a fairly distinctive bite mark on her posterior. Given our last Democratic mayor's record of inappropriate sexual behavior, I guess it's understandable why Fletcher might want to keep his teeth a secret."

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