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Cabins, Karaoke and Snow Pain in Wrightwood

Giving the mountains a second chance.

Wrightwood, CA, is a ski town just 1–10 hours away from L.A., depending on traffic. Mark and I were excited for our fully stocked rented weekend cabin. It belonged to a friend’s soon-to-be ex-wife. We ...

Cambodia's Khmer Legacy

Beyond the tourist sites are Buddhist shrines hidden in the jungle.

The temples of Cambodia arguably stand alone as the finest blending of art and architecture in the world. Most people are aware of the monumental achievements in building championed by the Greeks, Egyptians and Mayans. ...

Imperial Beach phone booth dumped

For years, a phone booth sat on the corner just outside of the Siesta RV Park in the 400 block of Palm Avenue in Imperial Beach. Made of aluminum and glass with a light in ...

Dad rescues daughter from Embarcadero’s water

Second time in two weeks!

People walking along the Embarcadero near Anthony's Seafood restaurant on Sunday afternoon, January 13, at around 4:30, were startled to see a soaking-wet, fully dressed man running along the sidewalk. The man was the father ...