Dave on left, Chris with the elegant whiskers on the right.
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S10 Fitness

3810 Rosecrans Street, Point Loma

I heard that S10 Fitness had a new location so I went down to Rosecrans to check it out during their open gym. Open gym is on Saturdays at noon.

I asked David Sten and Chris Daly what the open gym is about. They explained that it's a time for their friends and clients to come workout and maybe bring a guest.

You see, this isn't a gym where you can buy a membership and just show up whenever. S10 is a playground full of amazing toys/tools for Dave and Chris to train their clients on.

You can drop the weights?

You can drop the weights?

Since my right knee is being a dick I had no plans to workout. Dave offered to take a look at it and talked about about releasing some of the tension that might be causing the pain and swelling.

Uh, Ok--good luck dude.

They had me walk back and forth between them as they analyzed my gait. Then they pulled their balls out.

Who knew lacrosse balls had such healing properties? I sat on the balls and rolled out my hamstrings and glutes. I've done similar activities before but I always went for the most pain thinking that would be best.

Dave explained that when we get too aggressive with a muscle it pushes back and doesn't release. Every time I found a tender spot they wanted me to keep the intensity below a five, on a pain scale of one to ten,and just stay in that spot until it was a two or lower.

Miracle of miracles my knee started to loosen up and feel better. Now, a few days removed from the rehab/training I’m tempted to test this mother out but Dave has warned me to take it easy until he gives the green light so I’ve continued to work the balls and stretches.

I went to S10 just looking to hang out but got fixed up instead. Brilliant.

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jloy65 Aug. 29, 2013 @ 1:08 p.m.

These guys fixed me! My back and body were a mess (yes, my back is it's own entity). Chris, Dave, and Kaitlin are awesome and entertaining as well. Check this place out!


malownbey_fit Aug. 29, 2013 @ 1:37 p.m.

I LOVE these guys!! In January I was given the opportunity to train with Dave and Chris for 3 months straight and holy cow did those boys change my life. Seriously. They took my life to a totally different level :-) Starting out w/them I was 22% body fat and only weighing in at 122lbs. After they were done with me I was a solid 15% body fat weighing in at 126lbs. What an improvement in such a short amount of time. They helped me not only with my workouts, but also with my diet, which is 90% of it :-) in my opinion. 5 months later I am still stronger than ever, addicted to the gym and eating clean almost every day. I wouldn't have my job if it werent for those guys either. Directly after my 3 months training period with the guys I suffered from a knee and back injury so I went to Dave in desperation because I had a very important audition two weeks out that required me to be in tip top shape. Well...I was on crutches :-/ Dave worked on me two days only, for about an hour each, and I walked up in that audition and kicked it's ass! no crutches and not even a knee brace! Amazing. I will stand by these guys forever. Love you Dave and Chris!


bbro838 Sept. 21, 2013 @ 8:07 a.m.

these guys are the best no doubt about it. Know exactly what they are doing and will help anyone reach their goals. By the way, they are hilarious.


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