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Ron Powell, media contact for the Port of San Diego, said the district is in a good position to oversee cleanup of the power plant site. The port has agreements with all the former occupants: San Diego Gas and Electric, Duke, and Dynegy. Powell says that if Dynegy is incapable of remediating the site, then the port has an agreement with Duke.

As for the pot of gold that everyone has been eager to divide, Powell said he doesn’t know where people got the figure of $72 million. The ratepayers have paid $32 million, which is on Dynegy’s books. The port is a signatory to another $20 million held in trust.

Though the future of Chula Vista’s bayfront is fraught with problems, in the February 7 interview Malcolm expressed his vision for development. “I’m not a creative person,” he said, “but Disney is, and I don’t know what they’d have, but I’d go meet with them.… I would like to see a symposium of the biggest companies in the world that do waterfront things. This is an opportunity with more acreage than you can get anywhere in Southern California. What should we do? I don’t know, but you know, what I don’t want is the Chula Vista City Council deciding it, and I don’t want the port commissioners deciding it. I want these world-class brains to get together and tell us what they think, and you know what — something’s gonna resonate out of it.” ■

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ElProfeLoco March 16, 2011 @ 1:37 p.m.

I happen to know a bit about the SB Power Plant on the CV bayfront (I was on the Chula Vista City environmental commission (RCC) and Bayfront Citizens Advisory Committee, plus a degree in environmental engineering and another in mechanical engineering specializing in power generation).

But most important is the cast of characters mentioned, many of whom I know personally and all of whom I know about: - Bensoussan: ignorant and uninformed on these matters; a lap dog for Mayor Cox - Padilla: bright, but overly ambitious and two-faced and untrustworthy - Cox: also ignorant on these matters and a complete fool for involving David Malcolm (already convicted once for selling out the Port re this power plant) - David Malcolm: a convicted felon, graft tainted politico, completely self centered and not to be trusted on anything - but has the gift of gab (like Padilla) and can chase a buck as long as it ends up in his own pocket - Ramirez: usually asleep at the switch as a CV Councilman; nice guy but not all that bright - Sandoval, CV City Mgr.: a loyal "soldier" which means he'd do most anything Mayor Cox wanted

So out of almost everyone mentioned, this is a Ship of Fools and ego driven people out for their own interests and not necessarily the interests of the public and their constituency. The contract(s) with Dynergy passed muster with Port, and later City of CV, staff and attorneys and apparently none were bright enough to include usual contract provisions for liability and responsibility (for cleanup) - especially in the event of bankruptcy. Our tax dollars at work. What a mess.


cvres March 16, 2011 @ 5:58 p.m.

I read here that David Malcolm thinks leftover money could go to the Wildlife Refuge. I read somewhere else that the leftover money might have gone to infrastructure. But doesn't some of that money (apparently $32 mil) come from the ratepayers? If there is any leftover it should be returned to us.


VigilantinCV March 16, 2011 @ 6:44 p.m.

I never voted for David Malcolm nor Laura Hunter. I regret I ever voted for Cheryl Cox and Pamela Bensoussan. Yet because they somehow know what is best they acted as though the end justifies the means. NEVER! Our young men and women are dying in distant lands in the name of our democracy, our freedom. How dare they betray the public trust by cloaking what they are up to in secrecy!


ElProfeLoco March 17, 2011 @ 6:18 a.m.

Sorry, I inadvertently left out Laura Hunter of the Environmental Health Coalition (EHC), and she deserves much recognition.

Ms. Hunter was very active and proactive in the last failed attempt to develop the Chula Vista bayfront. In fact, EHC with fellow travelers from the SD Labor Council (Jerry Butkiewicz, et al) can claim full credit for sabotaging a desirable deal with Gaylord to develop the CV bayfront by demanding a sweetheart labor deal.

Additionally, Ms. Hunter got a bogus over-paid CV City position for her protegee Alison Rolfe (ex-Audobon Society tout) with then CV Mayor Padilla, reputedly in exchange for Padilla's support of some the EHC agenda (often different from the citizen agenda) on the CV bayfront. Ms. Rolfe went on to peddle her services, at inflated prices, to Pacifica Corp. the wannabee developer of the CV bayfront.

Further, part of that quid pro quo, scratch-my-back, back room deal was the subsequent appointment of Padilla to the Calif. Coastal Commission (brokered by EHC) after his Mayoral term expired.

Despite their usual under the table shenanigans, occasionally (not often enough!) EHC does some public good. In the case of the South Bay Power Plant, they DID play a part in removing the eyesore power lines from the SB Power Plant. EHC also has some credible research and reports on the SB Power Plant. Too bad EHC can't desist from maneuvering in the shadows and political chicanery long enough to focus on positive environmental resources.


joepublic March 17, 2011 @ 9:29 a.m.

In the last paragraph, David Malcom says: " …what I don’t want is the Chula Vista City Council deciding it, and I don’t want the port commissioners deciding it. I want these world-class brains to get together and tell us what they think, and you know what — something’s gonna resonate out of it.” How can anyone, especially in these times, put forth such oligarchal type thinking. The members of the Chula Vista City Council that went along with this unacceptable model of government should be called down for their undemocratic behavior. Hopefully the public hearing on this matter, called for March 22, will be the beginning of the end of this elitist (and illegal?) way of doing the public's business.


Susan Luzzaro March 17, 2011 @ 6:31 p.m.


You make some very good points. Regarding Gaylord being sabotaged by Laura Hunter & unions-- if I recall correctly the sticking point was hiring local workers--it wasn't that they had to be union. But you sound like someone who was very close to the situation. At any rate, my guess is there were other people not in favor of Gaylord. Mr. Malcolm said in the February interview that he never cared for Gaylord, that they were not world class.


ElProfeLoco March 18, 2011 @ 5:58 a.m.

The (minor) correction re the unions, EHC and Gaylord is correct. It was the union and EHC folks that demanded the local labor clause, and this WAS a primary reason Gaylord pulled out of the CV bayfront deal - so the net result WAS that EHC/unions killed the deal. EHC and the unions are not located in CV and have miniscule (hardly any) voter representation in CV.

Why anyone cares what David Malcolm thinks about CV or Port matters is beyond me. He is a convicted corrupt official who keeps meddling and offering opinions when he should be hiding in shame elsewhere instead of slinking around and offering press interviews. Mayor Cox should be recalled for involving this criminal in matters in the same place where his thievery took place some years ago. No shame (nor common sense) is apparent in either of these people.


laplayaheritage March 18, 2011 @ 7:08 a.m.


The above linked letter from Pat Flannery's Blog of San Diego documents Gaylord position in regard to the Labor, Building and Construction Councils that they are discontinuing their project because they could not find "a mutually beneficial way to fund the infrastructure."



Arrowstarlet April 30, 2011 @ 4:55 p.m.

I grew up in Orange County. In fact, my father was one of the top landscape architects that developed all of Orange County. I got married eight years ago and moved here, into my husband's childhood home. I can't believe how this city is ran! I can't believe how slow it takes to develop anything here! If this bay front project was in the Orange County, it would have been developed by now! One reason why it hasn‘t - - we have a bunch of greedy politicians and citizens running the show. And nothing is getting done! Gaylord, a first class hospitality company, left because they realized they are dealing with a second rate city! If we want our bay front developed, we need new leadership that will get the job done. It’s sad! Chula Vista has so many possibilities and could be a first rate city. But, at this rate, I don’t see it happening! It is frustrating to watch!


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