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The legacy of former Southwestern College vice president Nicholas Alioto is not a closed chapter, as attested to by the following: Alioto’s house was searched by the San Diego district attorney’s office on December 20 — and the basis for this story came from an anonymous tip forwarded to the Reader for investigation.

Prior to being hired by Southwestern, Alioto was president of the Public Business Consulting Group. According to the online Milwaukee-Wisconsin Sentinel Journal, PBCS committed questionable business practices in at least two Wisconsin school districts — St. Francis and Racine Unified.

More recently, Kenosha County (Wisconsin) documents announced that Alioto’s Chula Vista home was foreclosed upon in July of 2010. The public record that ties Alioto closely to the unfolding district attorney investigation is the Wisconsin Department of Revenues delinquent taxpayers page: Alioto’s last known mailing address, according to the Wisconsin website, is the same as that of a Poway home owned by Echo Pacific CEO Christopher Rowe.

In 2010, Alioto, Henry Amigable (whose home was also raided) went on a Napa Valley getaway with Rowe. Alioto’s expenses were paid for from Southwestern College’s Education Foundation. Shortly after returning, Echo Pacific received a $4 million dollar construction contract from Southwestern College for work to be performed under the 2008 Proposition R bond proposal.

In November 2010, Southwestern trustees Tim Nader and Norma Hernandez were elected. Subsequently, Alioto resigned and Echo Pacific lost the contract.

Pictured: Former vice president Nicholas Alioto dancing at a Southwestern College Education Foundation Fundraiser called "Havana Nights." The photo was briefly posted on Southwestern's website; when things started hitting the fan it was taken down. The pictures were retrieved and saved by an anonymous SWC employee.

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anniej Dec. 27, 2011 @ 4:23 p.m.

lets see i think we are going to need a trash truck vs those swiffers i was talking about earlier.

what has me irate is the following: when those community members chose to stand before the board and bring many of the stories of the past 2 years to their attention - the board chose to sit there, all but board member lopez, aloof and bored.

not sure if you all downloaded the pdf file attached to the ut story that ran this weekend - if you did not, please do. scroll down to the pepsi page. take a look at how the district primarily the superintendent at the time chose to spend the money raised by the pepsi contract. they paid commissions? the then superintendent (dr. brand) received a sizable amount as well - now it is claimed he used it within the district - interesting, since nothing verifying that claim can be found.

dr. brand should NOT be offered the permanent position of superintendent. the allegations surrounding his new 'foundation' sounds like the pepsi scandal all over again. the same people are involved as were in the pepsi situation. we have persons instructing parent members to not take notes, minutes are not taken, none of the meetings are being taped by the district, and allegedly it was stated that they did not want a paper trail. What??????????? one of the parents who were asked to be a part of the foundation resigned due to major concerns. another is being ostracized due to his recent comments at the last board meeting. vendors are being promised multiple year contracts if they will 'donate' large sums of monies. the issue though is this - once these monies are received - where is the paper trail. oh, that is right there will not be one.

while the breaking news today provided info on all of the suhsd board members whose homes were searched there was no mention of jim cartmill or john mccann, and yet it was cartmill who received the largest amount of monies from seville (prop o management company paid 20% of $644 million bond). then we have johnny boy mccann, the man who wants to be king, let us not forget those meetings that bonny garcia (corruptor at law) had with mccann. mccann met with garcia prior to being elected, why????????????????? reportedly none of the other candidates met with bonny garcia or 'the gandara' prior to the elections why was that. and yes, yes, yes, yes john mccann DID IN FACT receive THOUSANDS from seville and contractors/vendors.

voters of the south bay - many of you chose to turn out at the board meeting when WE THE COMMUNITY forced the board to send 'the gandara' packing. i believe it is time for another of those huge turn outs - show up and speak up - demand that they resign, demand that the board NOT offer the super a 3 yr contract. demand that the district begin a search, OUTSIDE OF THE GOOD OLD BOYS CLUB, for a new super


anniej Dec. 27, 2011 @ 4:31 p.m.

guess what i just found on the sd registrar of voters web site?

Echo Pacific donated the following amounts in the 2010 Board Member Campaigns

Cartmill------------------------ $4.500.00

Ricasa------------------------- $3.000.00

McCann------------------------ $4,000.00

so there you have it folks, and the plot thickens.

when is the axe going to fall on mccann an cartmill? soon, soon it has to

a sincere debt of gratitude is being sent out to ms. luzzarro. you have been reporting on the suhsd for years -

this is why, my fellow citizens, we are in need of the free press and excellent reporting, like the stories ms. luzzarro has taken the time to research

hats off to the reader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


angryinsb Dec. 27, 2011 @ 5:35 p.m.

This board is a joke how much more is it going to take to make these people pay for using money that could have gone to the students WTH. Anniej thanks for the insight and to the community in South Bay write your congressman, write to the Democratic and Republican parties write to anyone and everyone that will listen to tell them to intervene and get these people out of office. My children and everyones children deserve better then these not so slick people who are spending our hard earned tax money. Did anyone pay attention to their tax bill and see how much money we are giving this district for them to misuse the funds. The public has to start speaking up and show them that this will not be tolerated any longer it is not going to be business as usual in the Southbay!


anniej Dec. 27, 2011 @ 5:55 p.m.


I so hope we can count on you to attend the next Board Meeting and call for the resignation of those who have done wrong.

The Superintendent also needs to go - his involvement in this so called 'Foundation' and its reluctance to leave what they called 'a paper trail' demands that he go.

See if one of your friends or neighbors might attend with you.

If each of us brings AT LEAST one of our fellow taxpayers we may just get the job done.

We have to end this and soon so we can once again focus on what these baffoons should have been doing all along - educating the students, putting the monies into the classrooms, lowering the teacher student ratio, resolving our financial issues AND getting rid of those administrators in the District office who are inept.


Visduh Dec. 28, 2011 @ 11:47 a.m.

Finally, the U-T today runs an article on this scandal/investigation, and quotes Brand. He wants everyone to just let this process run its course, and not assume that anyone is guilty of anything. Let's all put this in proper perspective--the corrupt superintendent who has moved between high level admin jobs in multiple school districts and agencies is telling the public to not judge the corrupt school board that hired him. Shades of Watergate and the public pronouncements that preceded the fall. But will the DA actually press charges for this endemic corruption of a school district, and will she really go for a conviction? Don't hold your breath.

There's no indication in the Light News today of why the two guys on the board didn't have their homes searched. And it doesn't get much into anything besides the wining and dining and entertaining done for the board members. I suppose what they have reported is better than silence.


anniej Dec. 28, 2011 @ 1:01 p.m.

have you reviewed the ut on line today? at the bottom of the most current article it indicates that there are more pages. those additional pages contain PDF's for each of the persons involved. i took the time this am to review each PDF - there is more than wining, dining, and entertainment included on those PDF's - there are emails, there are the notes, there are the expense reports.

you might find a review of ALL of those PDF's very interesting.

however, you are right on target - one needs simply to compare what brand said in comparison to the head of southwestern. opposite ends of the spectrum. many in the community lost respect at the last board meeting when questions/concerns regarding his so called foundation were raised by an upstanding member of the community and his response was an arrogant "i have heard enough". well, guess what, we in the community have NOT heard enough, we want the truth about this foundation, AND NOW BEFORE HE IS GIVEN HIS NEW CONTRACT.

john mccann, jim cartmill - both republicans - does tend to leave many of us taxpayers questioning the rationale behind that decision.

mccann has exposed himself for who he really is and what he really is about - he is about mccann - no more, no less. he made a point of going on camera promising the citizens of the south bay truth when he hired attorney vega - soooooooooooo, where is the vega report? and why? oh why? is he stating that he will NOT release it without a subpoena? what does little boy mccann have to hide? what truth can be exposed about mccann with the release of the vega report? now that is a one of the major questions that needs to be answered.


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