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I think it’s bulls--- that Cesar Cota is busy thinking that the Qur’an is mind poison and that it’s bad for everybody in that everyone who is Muslim is a bad person. That’s racist. I’m disgusted that he even thinks like that. I’m disgusted that people live like that in San Diego and think like that. It’s frickin’ disgusting. He needs to open up his mind and look around him and actually get out and meet some people so he knows what the world is like. He needs to get his head out of his a.

Christina Alexander
El Cajon

Driving Blind

If Maureen wants to wear the beekeeper outfit, that’s fine, but not while driving a car (“They Should Not Display Their Beauty,” Cover Story, September 9). You cannot see properly with that on. You endanger other people. Nor should you be able to get your driver’s license picture with just your eyes showing, as some Muslim woman have tried to do. If she gets pulled over by the police, she should have to remove that headgear so the officer can see if it’s really her that’s driving. If you don’t like it, don’t drive in the USA.

Todd Gilbert
via email

Illegal Islam

If Muslim women should be judged by their knowledge, abilities, and mind, they would summarily reject Islam because of its stupidity, ignorance, backwardness, barbarism, and advocation of slavery toward women, children, and others (“They Should Not Display Their Beauty,” Cover Story, September 9). We should realize that slavery was abolished in this country and is now illegal, so why are we allowing it to exist?

If Muslim women are intelligent, they would speak out against archaic rules set up hundreds of years ago dictating what women can wear and what they can do, but of course these women would probably be abolished. Islam is the opposite of freedom, and in this country we value freedom.

Islam should be declared illegal in the United States and should be rejected by all civilized countries of the world. Let the uncivilized Arab countries do as they wish, but keep them away from free-thinking, advanced civilizations. Islam should be recognized for what it is: an international terrorist organization, dedicated to the death and destruction of all non-Muslim people. It is the most treacherous force of evil existing in the world — far worse than Nazism was because they are infiltrating all countries and will work from within to defeat us. And worse, it is disguised as a religion. Lest we forget, there was a Muslim cleric officiating at a mosque right here in San Diego who has now become one of the world’s foremost terrorists.

He now operates out of Yemen. If this is “religion,” God help us.

I don’t need to read the Qur’an to make up my mind about Islam. All I have to do is look at the carnage they caused on September 11, 2001. They killed over 3000 of our people, right here in our own country. Elsewhere, they are blowing up people — often their own, on a daily basis.

How long will it take us to recognize this worldwide conspiracy of death and destruction? How long will it take us to realize that by allowing this evil to exist in our country, we are enabling them to plan and carry out their next deadly attack on us? I would guess that the majority of Americans would agree with me. If what I’m saying is not true, why is it that we never hear from Muslim clergy denying it? Why do we not see messages from them in print or on television explaining their side of it?

All Muslims should be declared as a subversive threat to our existence and deported from this country. Islam should be outlawed in the United States. I see photographs of protesting Muslims parading the streets of London carrying signs advocating the beheading of anyone who speaks out against Islam. Is this the kind of barbarism we want prevailing in our country?

Name Withheld By Request

Bored By Burka

I was completely dismayed by the shallowness and complete lack of sufficient research by Elizabeth Salaam in her recent article “They Should Not Display Their Beauty” (Cover Story, September 9). Frankly, I was not the least bit interested in how it felt for her to wear the burka. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t interested in how the teens felt about wearing this garment either. Even a cursory examination of this subject would have yielded knowledge that the Qur’an makes absolutely no mention about covering women’s bodies in hideous clothing. It simply states that women (and men) should dress modestly. Not a bad idea, until you realize that its interpretation is left up to men. Men who appear to be frightened out of their minds by one half of the human race. As one of the young women so aptly stated, covering their bodies does not really remove the interest of the opposite sex: it just changes it to intense curiosity. Nature (and Allah) made us to be sexual beings. No amount of armored gear will change biology, sorry about that. There is another even more sobering effect of covering women so completely. If one cannot distinguish one individual from another, it is easy to dehumanize all. Draconian measures to subjugate women are easy to understand in this context. Hiding one’s beauty is almost beside the point.

It is also distressing to note the girls’ fear of popular music and any amount of ordinary contact with the dominant culture. Again, the Qur’an doesn’t forbid women from being a part of their world. Indeed, it encourages women to run their own business and be an independent source of income for their children and families. The idea that women should be completely submissive to the whims, and whimsy, of men is outrageous. This is not religious dogma but frightened male misinterpretation of their holy book. Instead of wearing this garment of subordination, Elizabeth Salaam would have better spent her day reading the numerous translations of the Qur’an that are easily available. She did a great disservice to her readers by presenting (and getting paid handsomely, I’m sure) this trivial, puerile nonsense.

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