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"We've produced a video about a mega-church invasion," said Bonnie Mann from the dais at Tuesday morning's city council meeting. Ms. Mann is a member of Concerned Citizens of Point Loma. The Point Loma resident then played the 90-second clip for the council.

Life is just a bowl of cherries, so live and laugh at it all, played the tune to opening scenes shot at Liberty Station in Point Loma. The next frame showed the large sign for the Rock Church and Academy located at the center of the mixed-use community in Loma Portal.

"In July 2007, everything changed," said the narrator on the video. "The Rock Church came to our community, not as a friendly neighborhood church but a mega-church of over 15,000 people. Cars and people everywhere."

The video played scenes of churchgoers dressed in their Sunday suits flooding out of the church, filling the sidewalks on Rosecrans Street, and stuck in traffic throughout Liberty Station's parking lots.

The narrator preached concerns about traffic, noise from car alarms, and litter brought by the 12,000-strong throng of parishioners "5 times a Sunday, 52 times a year."

Since relocating to Point Loma from Serra Mesa, after obtaining a conditional-use permit for a K-12 private school and church in 2004, the Rock Church has grown in size and in mass to what is now 212,000 square feet. Many Point Loma residents believe church officials misrepresented the actual size of the facility and it's congregation. They also believe that the city failed to address their grievances.

When the video concluded, Liberty Station resident and former candidate for city council Greg Finley addressed the council. While Finley didn't mention the Rock Church by name, he proselytized about "an organization that obtained a conditional-use permit through subterfuge and misstatement."

Finley urged councilmembers to watch an August 2004 Planning Commission hearing, at which commissioners attempted to mitigate traffic around the Rock Church by limiting the number of cars to 4020 trips per day during the week. The language never mentioned the size of the congregation, nor did it address impacts during the weekend.

"View this video and invalidate...the existing conditional-use permit and reconvene a new series of hearings with owners and residents of Liberty Station," said Finley. "Reconstruct a document that is based on reality."

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Gail Powell Sept. 17, 2010 @ 12:02 p.m.

I am sorry to see that Dorian Hargrove-an otherwise esteemed and respected Reader contributor- has seen fit to jump on the Rock Church bashing wagon.

Yes-it is crowded down that way on Sunday and there is lots of traffic. But The Rock Church strives mightily to mitigate a lot of what all the complainers love to kvetch about. Signs are all over stating where to park and the Church pays for and solicits volunteers to help control the traffic. How about all the business that is brought to Liberty Station by the church-goers both before and after services? I don't see any of those businesses crying when they go count their money earned from all those pesky Rock attendees?

Where are these very same high-strung neighbors when High Tech High and High Tech Middle School clog Liberty Station TWICE A DAY/ 5 DAYS PER WEEK? Nowhere to be found-because High Tech High is prestigious and all the rich friends the complaining neighbors like to impress are so taken with High Tech! Yes-it is all relative down there at Liberty Station, and I would hope that Dorian Hargrove-if he is indeed TRULY-open-minded, and not trying to push some sort of Hillcrest agenda, will venture forth into The Rock Church-to see what a wonderful place it is. Maybe learn about all the great works this Church does. And also how they don't "hate" any one group and even "love" their churlish "neighbors!" That would make a much better story than the one he presently has featured in stringers, sorry to say.


Dorian Hargrove Sept. 17, 2010 @ 1:11 p.m.

Fooforever, my intent was not to crush the Rock Church, nor do I have any Hillcrest agenda to fulfill. I reported on an issue brought forth by residents at a city council meeting and was not aware of the issue before that meeting. I do appreciate your comment and respect my neighbors.

Please feel free to contact me with any additional concerns... [email protected]


digdave7 Aug. 28, 2014 @ 12:48 p.m.

I just saw this, but "Gail" I'd like to know what a "Hillcrest Agenda" is..? I infer you mean Liberal and specifically targeting the area for some reason and again can infer. Funny all the issues you spew about, shows nothing more than hate and ignorance on your values. Many churches dont only show ignorance and intolerance, and you should own that, saying "Hillcrest Agenda" confirms, I had a friend recently who was told she needed to date someone "of God's choosing" when she brought her black boyfriend so let not pretend you are intolerant in general(good values there). If Liberal means live and let live, I choose that anytime. More and more people are getting tired of the ignorance you guys spew, it teaches nothing but indifference and self-hate.


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