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Fake Facts

I am writing regarding the February 25 story published in “S.D. on the Q.T.” titled “Policeman Poet Vows to Kick Some Ass.”

As the chief of the Coronado Police Department, I am disappointed in the Reader for publishing this fictitious story under the guise of “humor” without clarifying that it is false. It is important to note that this phony article is listed as “news” on the Reader’s website. While some may know it was a spoof, some of your readers may not have distinguished fact from fiction. The unfortunate consequence results in undermining the public trust and confidence in those sworn to serve and protect them. In the future, we hope the Reader will use better judgment when selecting content for this section of its publication.

  • Louis J. Scanlon
  • Chief
  • Coronado Police Department

Clever Manipulator

The cover of the February 25 Reader with the busy interchange is truly amazing. The article seems to imply that this intersection is in San Diego, but I do not recognize the roads. I then thought that the photo was Photoshopped, but all the shadows lined up properly, and unless the photo editor was extremely adept at photo manipulation, this photo may actually be real. Can you tell us where this awesome interchange is located so at least we can avoid it?

  • Joe Franzone
  • via email

Where Are We?

Can you please identify where that intersection of highways on the February 25 cover is located? It is an amazing picture. Is it real?

  • Tino
  • via email

The cover art is a photo manipulation by John Lund. — Editor

Dead Kensington

About the last issue, I was wondering where you got the cover photo of the pinball maze of freeways (“Freeway Close,” February 25). I’ve fought freeways here, especially this corridor that went through Kensington. Jim Bates, the councilman, said it would never go through. It ruined the Kensington neighborhood.

  • Richard Jones
  • via voicemail

People Under The Freeway

I have a reply to the February 25 cover story, “Freeway Close.” I think it sucks how they put people with less money living there. I don’t think that’s fair. We should send Bill Gates to live under the freeway, see if he likes it.

  • Rick V.
  • San Diego

Just Passing Through

This is re Moss Gropen’s cover story about living next to the freeways (“Freeway Close,” February 25). Really enjoyed the story, but I thought he was a little rough on some of the neighborhoods. That’s just the way they are. Like Linda Vista — he made it sound like it was pretty thuggish, but it’s actually quite an enjoyable neighborhood to pedal through. It’s hard to believe that people don’t believe that living next to those things is damaging their health.

  • Joe
  • via voice mail

LSD Gone Wrong

Re small error in the February 25 cover story (“Freeway Close”).

Lake Shore Drive, not Lakeside Drive, is commonly known in Chicago as LSD. There are Lakeside Drives in the Chicago suburbs but none in the city. The writer may indeed have called a suburban Lakeside Drive LSD, but no other Chicagoans do. Surprised Pistol Pete missed that one!

  • Eileen Feely
  • via email

Nicked Pic

I very much appreciate the write-up on the SDGossipScene story (“Blurt,” February 25), but I do not appreciate that the photo of me was taken from my personal MySpace. I had no knowledge of this article, and there was no permission to use my personal photo from my birthday party. I am billing you $1500 for my photo, or other actions will be taken.

  • Felicia Canales
  • via email

Way Too Much Control

Re “We Don’t Want You Taking Pictures” (Feature Story, February 25).

Something similar happened to my son last year. He and his friends went to TJ to have some fun and, yes, he was drinking, but by the time the event happened they had not been drinking for about two hours. Basically, the boys were talking to some girls and got off at the main trolley station to catch a transfer. As they were getting off, they were still talking to the girls — flirting from the outside of the trolley with the girls inside.

An officer came up and stated that my son was standing too close to the trolley line (he was stepping on the line). My son backed off and resumed speaking to the girls. One of the officers got really agitated and started getting in my son’s face. He and his friends were stating to him “What’s up” and why the attitude, that they were just waiting for the connecting trolley. At that point, the connecting trolley came up and the boys got on. Well, one of the kids made a rude gesture regarding the trolley officers of which apparently they heard.

This is were it gets crazy. The boys apparently got onto the wrong trolley and had to go back to the main station. Well, lo and behold, the trolley cops were standing there waiting for them and had brought in backup. The minute the trolley stopped, they marched on and grabbed the boys and took them outside. Words were exchanged, and after about ten minutes, the friends of my son took my son and said they were leaving, which the officers agreed! However, they followed them (and I think they did this to get out of the camera’s view). The boys were walking out, and my son looked back because he could feel someone close behind him. One of the officers asked, “Are you mugging me?” (meaning giving him a dirty look), and my son said no, and he turned around to continue walking. One of the officers jumped on him and sat on him while the others basically beat the crap out of him.

People start to gather, and they put my son in the back of the car and stated that he was going to be arrested. Well, during all this, his friends started asking people in the crowd for their phone numbers to be witnesses, and then all of a sudden an officer came to the car and said he was free to go!

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PistolPete March 3, 2010 @ 2:01 p.m.

Eileen Feely-I too am surprised I missed that. I usually read the cover stories by myself early in the morning in the print version. Every once in awhile I might have an extra 20 minutes or so to kill online so I'll read the websites cover story. My roommate was talking to me last week while I was at the computer so that could be why I didn't notice Mr. Gropen's faux pas. Being born and raised in Chicago and a lover of LSD, I'll have to go back and read his story. In the meantime... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGQO7A...


Ponzi March 6, 2010 @ 8:26 a.m.

@ Stephanie Butticci

Teach your kids to not have an attitude. It works wonders on keeping their faces free of bruises.


ilovexs March 8, 2010 @ 6:07 p.m.

....in response to Ponzie

Normally I wouldn't even response to such a stupid statement, however, I speak for the kids that were with him too. They are great kids, hard working, and no matter how much attitude was given...it did NOT warrant that! It was a control issue and that is EXACTLY why they need more training - period. Stephanie


marydakin April 3, 2010 @ 8:25 a.m.

Stop making excuses for your ill-mannered child. He needs you for guidance because he doesn't yet know what he doesn't know. It's life and the school of hard knocks. With any luck, he'll survive it and with any brains, will learn from it.


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