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Thirty-Five Years Ago
Drink liquor without mixes. A more expensive liquor will prove more economical if taken with a splash of water or on the rocks than cheap whiskey that has to be disguised with mixes.

Buy in half-gallon sizes, as you pay a premium for the convenience of a fifth or less.
“A WORD OF ADVICE TO THE LOCAL LUSH,” E.J. Rackow, August 28, 1975

Thirty Years Ago
Ted Leitner’s rising prominence among the crop of San Diego’s other cheerfully chattering media mannequins — an eruption not unlike the rise of a pimple on a baby’s ass — has been a source of constant amusement to me, and Greg Kahn/Joe Applegate’s piece on KFMB’s resident bozo was like the smack of a thin, supple bamboo rod across the naked soles of a sleeping man’s feet. Thank God! No sensitive octogenarian pieces or weekends with the Moonies or marine science stories this issue; just good clean TV trash. More!
LETTERS: “INTO THE BAMBOO,” Paul M. Sammon, August 28, 1980

Twenty-Five Years Ago
Why oh why is a left-handed pitcher called a southpaw? As I watch Dave Dravecky pitch, for example, his throwing arm is on the east side of San Diego Stadium. Why not an eastpaw? — Ned Thompson, University Heights

[B]ack in the 1880s, when the term was invented, the playing fields were laid out so the pitcher faced a more westerly direction, so a lefty’s arm was indeed to the south...this orientation of the playing field supposedly came about because it offered the most shade possible for the expensive grandstand seats.
STRAIGHT FROM THE HIP, Matthew Alice, August 29, 1985

Twenty Years Ago
[Rob] Brezny’s latest role is that of litigant in a breach-of-contract suit he’s launched against Copley News Service. Back in November of 1986, Brezny agreed to write a daily horoscope column for Copley at a rate of $80 a week.

According to Brezny, the arrangement to produce the column, called “Starwatch,” worked well until last fall, when a friend from Philadelphia sent him a copy of a feature called “Your Horoscope Guide,” appearing weekly under his byline in a newspaper called the Welcome Mat. “I was just dumbfounded,” he recalls. “They just took my daily material and edited it down...rewrote it, and put my name over it.”

Even worse, the astrologer claims that Copley has regularly borrowed his predictions for one period of time and applied them to another, thereby furnishing his readers with incorrect forecasts.
CITY LIGHTS: “WITH LAWSUIT RISING,” Matt Potter, August 30, 1990

Fifteen Years Ago
Well, what did you expect when you’re dealing with Don King, Mike Tyson, and a tomato can named Peter McNeeley? Don King has contracts with both Tyson and the hired stooge. Only in the sludge heap of boxing could such conflict of interest go unnoticed. And only tooth-fairy people would fork over 40 bucks to watch that threesome do what they had to do and then feel outraged when the con was exposed.
SPORTING BOX: “GODZILLA VS. THE TOMATO CAN,” Patrick Daugherty, August 24, 1995

Ten Years Ago
Miguel says the most-asked-for drugs in his store, in rough order, are first, Retin-A, the acne medicine now widely used as a wrinkle remover, which sells for about $8 a tube. Then, Ventolin, for asthma, and Viagra, the famous impotency medicine. Fourth is Nicorette gum — “No prescription needed and it’s a lot cheaper here than on the other side.” And the fifth is Xenical, the weight-loss drug.
“DRUG RUSH: THE FARMACIA BOOM,” Bob Owens, August 24, 2000

Five Years Ago
We contemplated our options. One ecstasy pill, check. Two 20-year-old women looking to party, check. Location was the hard part — where can you party your brains out and act like an idiot without getting into trouble or running into your parents’ friends? As if by way of a very close bullhorn, the answer came to each of us simultaneously, jolting us from our repose and alighting the dark interior of my car with hope — TJ!
“A TIJUANA BETTER THAN IN MY MEMORY,” Barbarella, August 25, 2005

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