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1. Peter Barry Lawrence, 71, pleaded guilty to robbing a bank on July 26 in downtown San Diego. Lawrence is popularly known as

A. The Geezer Bandit

B. The Geritol Bandit

C. The Rest Home Avenger

D. The Wheelchair Bandit

2. The latest edition of Outside magazine lists which Western city as the “best whitewater town” in the country?

A. Bishop, California

B. Bend, Oregon

C. Reno, Nevada

D. Boise, Idaho

3. In Orange County, a class-action lawsuit has been filed against various food distributors alleging fraud. What is the specific accusation?

A. Mislabeling ketchup as “fancy” when fancy tomatoes were not used

B. Failing to post warnings on diet-soda cans about aspartame poisoning

C. Mislabeling virgin olive oil as “extra virgin”

D. Mislabeling fast-food french fries as “Russet Burbank” potatoes

4. The Small Business Administration recently released its list of the top ten lenders to local small businesses. The number-one lender was

A. Bank of America

B. Wells Fargo

C. U.S. National Bank Association

D. Seacoast Commerce Bank

5. Which U.S. city is facing budget shortfalls severe enough to force the closure of all of its libraries?

A. Camden, New Jersey

B. San Luis Obispo, California

C. Fort Myers, Florida

D. San Diego, California

6. Which southern hemisphere nation experienced colder temperatures than Antarctica on July 15, causing record power consumption?

A. Chile

B. New Zealand

C. Argentina

D. Uruguay

7. The City of Escondido has announced that it will ease restrictions on

A. Small businesses in residential zones

B. Livestock boarding

C. Live music and dancing

D. Bath houses

8. Which Republican senator has made repeated calls for an increase in gasoline taxes to close the federal budget deficit?

A. Olympia Snowe, Maine

B. George Voinovich, Ohio

C. Lamar Alexander, Tennessee

D. Tom Coburn, Oklahoma

9. Which of the following players was not inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame on August 7?

A. Joe Jacoby

B. Dick LeBeau

C. Russ Grimm

D. Floyd Little

10. Friends and relatives of deployed soldiers are complaining about a new law that went into effect on June 29 that makes it much more difficult to mail what item?

A. Books and periodicals

B. Over-the-counter medications

C. Tobacco products

D. Anything with metal in it

11. During the second quarter of 2010, delinquencies doubled in what San Diego market?

A. Automobile leases

B. Heavy-equipment leases

C. Residential mortgages

D. Commercial properties

12. On August 9, the board of directors for Palomar Pomerado Healthcare voted to increase

A. Admission fees

B. Pharmacy fees

C. Property taxes

D. Number of nurses hired

13. California’s state senate voted 34-0 to approve a bill that would make it illegal for state prisoners to possess or receive

A. Credit cards

B. Cellular phones

C. Laptop computers

D. Pornography

14. Which European capital has had its daily death rate double over the summer from soaring temperatures and unusually thick smog?

A. Moscow

B. Berlin

C. London

D. Amsterdam

15. After arguing with a passenger on arrival at JFK airport, flight attendent Steven Slater grabbed two beers from the galley, cursed the passenger over the PA system, deployed the emergency-exit slide, and left the plane, only to be arrested hours later. Which airline did Slater work for?

A. Delta

B. American

C. Virgin America

D. Jet Blue

16. Business Week magazine’s website recently ranked America’s “laziest” states based on data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The top-ranked state for sedentary habits and inactivity is

A. North Dakota

B. Nevada

C. West Virginia

D. Louisiana

17. Which restaurant chain announced that it would honor discount coupons for smoothies issued by McDonald’s?

A. Souplantation

B. The Tropical Smoothie Café

C. Jamba Juice

D. Orange Julius

18. Who said, “It will be difficult enough to avoid disaster on planet Earth in the next hundred years, let alone the next thousand or million. The human race shouldn’t have all its eggs in one basket, or on one planet”?

A. Richard Dawkins

B. Stephen Hawking

C. Shirley MacLaine

D. Jeff Corwin

19. On August 10, a speaker at the Rancho Bernardo Country Club drew a crowd of about 220 and an additional crowd of 220 protesters. Who was the speaker?

A. Joe Arpaio, sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona

B. Jan Brewer, governor of Arizona

C. Ann Coulter

D. Former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich

20. Independent investigators are looking into an incident of rookie hazing in Imperial Beach, which involved excessive drinking and photos of sexually suggestive poses. The rookies in question were:

A. Police officers

B. Navy SEALs

C. Lifeguards

D. Firefighters


  1. D, The Wheelchair Bandit
  2. C, Reno, Nevada
  3. C, Mislabeling virgin olive oil as “extra virgin”
  4. B, Wells Fargo
  5. A, Camden, New Jersey
  6. C, Argentina
  7. C, Live music and dancing
  8. B, George Voinovich, Ohio
  9. A, Joe Jacoby
  10. C, Tobacco products
  11. D, Commercial properties
  12. C, Property taxes
  13. B, Cellular phones
  14. A, Moscow
  15. D, Jet Blue
  16. D, Louisiana
  17. C, Jamba Juice
  18. B, Stephen Hawking
  19. A, Joe Arpaio
  20. C, Lifeguards
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