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1. The San Diego Padres lead all other Major League Baseball teams in which ­statistic?

A. They have fired more managers mid season in the past 30 years than any other team

B. They have the most divorced players of any team

C. They have more sons of Major Leaguers on its roster than any other team

D. There are more female season-ticket holders for the Padres than any other team

2. On Wednesday, June 23, rock musician Peter Quaife died. Quaife was the bassist in which British Invasion ­group?

A. The Dave Clark Five

B. The Troggs

C. The Zombies

D. The Kinks

3. Which public official called a frozen-custard-shop manager a “smartass” when the manager asked for a cut in ­taxes?

A. Vice President Joe Biden

B. President Barack Obama

C. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

D. Senator Charles Schumer

4. An investigation has recently revealed that 3500 members of a licensed profession hold licenses to practice in good standing in California after being sanctioned or losing their licenses in other states. Which profession has these 3500 renegade ­members?

A. Attorneys

B. Auto Mechanics

C. Physicians

D. Nurses

5. Thanks to the closure of a pumping station and an end to a drought, there is a possibility that windsurfers may once again sail in which county ­reservoir?

A. Lake Murray

B. Lake Hodges

C. San Vicente Reservoir

D. Miramar Lake

6. The San Diego City Council voted 6-2 on June 28 to break ground on the new central library, even though the City is $32.5 million short of the needed funding to pay for it. How much is the estimated cost of the ­library?

A. $150 million

B. $165 million

C. $185 million

D. $210 million

7. West ­Virginia’s Robert Byrd, the longest-serving senator in U.S. history, died on June 28 at the age of 92. What year was Byrd first elected to the ­senate?

A. 1958

B. 1960

C. 1962

D. 1964

8. The UCLA Bruins lost the College World Series after being beaten 2-1 in extra innings. Which team beat UCLA to win the ­series?


B. Boise State

C. Northwestern

D. South Carolina

9. Who called hearings for U.S. Supreme Court nominees by the Senate Judiciary Committee a “vapid and hollow charade”?

A. Barbara Boxer

B. Joe Biden

C. Elena Kagan

D. Clarence Thomas

10. San ­Diego’s housing prices rose 11.7 percent in April compared to a year ago, a price-increase rate that is the second highest in the state. Which city had the fastest rate of annual real estate price ­increases?

A. San Jose

B. San Francisco

C. Newport Beach

D. Laguna Niguel

11. Which high-tech device being tested in Malibu may soon be coming to San ­Diego?

A. Touch-tone parking meters

B. Robotic lifeguards

C. Electronic bus passes

D. ATM pay toilets

12. Los ­Angeles’ Metropolitan Transportation Authority has raised Metrolink fares from $1.25 to $1.50. This is the first fare increase in how many ­years?

A. Two years

B. Three years

C. Four years

D. Six years

13. San Diego–based Arena Pharmaceuticals has announced that its new drug, Lorcaserin, will be manufactured in Switzerland. What does Lorcaserin ­treat?

A. Lactose intolerance

B. Diabetes

C. Depression

D. Obesity

14. Two weeks ago, the Vatican announced that it will appoint a representative for the first time to establish relations with which Communist ­nation?

A. ­People’s Republic of China

B. Laos

C. Tibet

D. Vietnam

15. Chargers receiver Vincent Jackson has been suspended for three games for violating the ­NFL’s substance-abuse policy. What, specifically, was Jackson caught ­doing?

A. Injecting opiate painkillers

B. Driving under the influence

C. Drinking in the locker room

D. Taking steroids

16. Jon “War Machine” Koppenhaver, an Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter, was recently sentenced to a year in jail for what ­crime?

A. assault

B. drug trafficking

C. lewd conduct

D. attempted robbery

17. A City Heights group is lobbying the city council to declare a six-block area along a busy street as “Little Saigon.” The area in question lies along which ­street?

A. University Avenue

B. Orange Avenue

C. 54th Street

D. El Cajon Boulevard

18. Which restaurant recently instituted a free, unlimited Wi-Fi internet policy for its ­patrons?

A. Dunkin Donuts

B. ­Peet’s Coffee

C. Starbucks

D. Jamba Juice

19. A German citizen was recently arrested and could face six months in jail for having an offensive ring tone on his cell phone. What was the content of the ring ­tone?

A. A speech by Hitler

B. An obscenity-laced rant by Chris Rock

C. An anti-semitic nursery rhyme

D. ­Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries” accented with bomb blasts

20. San ­Diego’s legendary football coach, Don Coryell, died on July 1. Where did Coryell get his first head-coaching ­job?

A. Pacific Lutheran University

B. San Diego State University

C. Whittier College

D. Eastern Washington University


  1. C, They have more sons of Major Leaguers (5) than any other team
  2. D, The Kinks
  3. A, Vice President Joe Biden
  4. D, Nurses
  5. B, Lake Hodges
  6. C, $185 million
  7. A, 1958
  8. D, South Carolina
  9. C, Elena Kagan
  10. B, San ­Francisco’s home prices rose 18 percent
  11. B, robotic lifeguards
  12. A, Two years
  13. D, Obesity
  14. D, Vietnam
  15. B, Driving under the influence
  16. A, Assault
  17. D, El Cajon Boulevard
  18. C, ­Starbucks
  19. A, A speech by Hitler
  20. C, Whittier College
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