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1. Countywide consumption of what commodity decreased by 13 percent during San ­Diego’s 2010 fiscal ­year?

A. Milk

B. Gasoline

C. Water

D. Natural Gas

2. Sales of what product rose 30 percent in San Diego County during the first half of ­2010?

A. Prefabricated homes

B. Lawnmowers

C. Fresh produce

D. Automobiles

3. Energy Innovations, an energy technology firm recently moved its business out of San Diego County to Pasadena. Where did they operate in the county before the ­move?

A. Escondido

B. Sorrento Valley

C. Carlsbad

D. Poway

4. Which pro athlete is expected to stand trial on perjury charges next ­year?

A. Barry Bonds

B. Kobe Bryant

C. Ryan Leaf

D. Kevin Mitchell

5. Peter Robbins of Oceanside found himself signing autographs at this ­year’s Comic-Con after it was learned that Robbins was the voice for what cartoon ­character?

A. Felix the Cat

B. Cecil the Sea Serpent

C. Spiderman

D. Charlie Brown

6. A papier-mâché statue of a great white shark was placed at the base of a bronze public statue in Encinitas, one of the latest pranks since the statue was erected. What does the statue ­depict?

A. A fisherman

B. Indians

C. A surfer

D. A bull

7. Which Southern California University (along with its head football coach) is being sued by the Tennessee ­Titans?





8. District attorney Bonnie Dumanis and sheriff Bill Gore both raised eyebrows after it was reported that each had received pay raises this year exceeding:

A. $5,000

B. $7,000

C. $10,000

D. $12,000

9. Which cell-phone carrier has been “unlocked” (accessed) by iPhone users so frequently that it is now offering technical support for ­iPhones?

A. T-Mobile USA

B. Verizon

C. Nextel

D. Verizon

10. A recent poll conducted by American City Business Journals found that California and Nevada have lost the most private-sector jobs in the last five years. Which two states have added the most private-sector ­jobs?

A. Florida and Texas

B. Idaho and Texas

C. New Jersey and Minnesota

D. Alaska and North Dakota

11. Which film director recently opined that ­America’s focus on the WWII holocaust of Jews was a product of “Jewish domination of the media”?

A. Mel Gibson

B. Oliver Stone

C. Quentin Tarantino

D. Martin Scorcese

12. One clothing retailer is promoting back-to-school sales by offering free telephones to anyone who tries on a pair of its jeans. Which retailer is offering this ­giveaway?

A. American Eagle Outfitters

B. Abercrombie & Fitch

C. The Gap

D. Aeropostale

13. President Obama will be the first sitting president to appear on The View, but he will also be skipping an important event in Virginia, which his three predecessors attended while they were in office. What event will Obama ­miss?

A. The ­Correspondents’ Dinner

B. The NAACP convention

C. The Army-Navy football game

D. The Boy Scout Jamboree

14. To cut costs, Callaway Golf has announced that they will move their assembly plant from Carlsbad to Mexico. Which Mexican city will get the Callaway ­plant?

A. Tijuana

B. El Paso

C. Monterrey

D. Mexicali

15. To curb money laundering, the Mexican government is limiting the amount of U.S. cash that can be deposited in ­Mexico’s banks, beginning in September. Individuals will be limited to $4,000 and businesses will be limited to

A. $5,000

B. $7,000

C. $10,000

D. $12,000

16. Democratic Party chairman Howard Dean recently praised one Republican presidential hopeful — whom he insists he disagrees with — for bringing “intellectual leadership” to the Republican Party. Which possible candidate was Dean speaking ­of?

A. Tim Pawlenty

B. Bobby Jindal

C. Mitt Romney

D. Newt Gingrich

17. Six states have passed legislation to give all of their electoral votes to the national winner of the popular vote in future presidential elections. The latest state to pass such a bill was

A. California

B. Massachusetts

C. Oregon

D. Utah

18. Tom Armstrong has filed a claim against the City of Escondido for $30,000 after being banned from the Joslyn Senior Center. For what offense was Armstrong ­banned?

A. Kissing women on the cheek

B. Vandalizing the ­women’s rest room

C. Cheating at pool

D. Cheating at cards

19. At the opening day of this ­year’s Del Mar racing season, 15 people were arrested for

A. Public drunkenness

B. Lewd behavior at the track

C. Attempting to steal bet tickets

D. Drunk driving

20. ­Spain’s Catalonia province recently banned what ­activity?

A. Serving alcohol at outdoor cafés

B. Bullfighting

C. Nude bathing in public

D. Fishing


  1. C, Water
  2. D, Automobiles
  3. D, Poway
  4. A, Barry Bonds
  5. D, Charlie Brown
  6. C, A surfer
  7. B, USC
  8. C, $10,000
  9. A, T-Mobile USA
  10. D, Alaska and North Dakota
  11. B, Oliver Stone
  12. A, American Eagle Outfitters
  13. D, The Boy Scout Jamboree
  14. C, Monterrey
  15. B, $7,000
  16. D, Newt Gingrich
  17. B, Massachusetts
  18. A, Kissing women on the cheek
  19. D, Drunk driving
  20. B, Bullfighting
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