Put An End To It

The Reader’s choice of cover article in the August 12 issue is disgusting (“I Have a Habit of Having Things in My Hand”). If your intent was to draw attention to the dangers of drug use, you could have done so in a more responsible way. It is time to put an end to all violence against women, as well as to end all forms of discrimination against women. Please print stories that celebrate respect for all life.

Helen Bourne

Stories For Kids

I got to tell you, I picked up the August 12 edition. It is the sickest thing I’ve ever read. I couldn’t even read it all. You people ought to be ashamed publishing that kind of stuff for children to read, and I’m a 56-year-old man. I wouldn’t pick up this piece of trash ever again after reading that. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

Name Withheld
via voice mail

Lapse Of Reason

I am an epileptic, and on the occasions I have required the response of paramedics, I found them all to be professional and skillful (“Stringers,” August 12). One time I was attending a summer barbecue, had slowly consumed one beer, and had a seizure. Although the ambulance staff treated me nicely, the emergency department staff quickly labeled me a “drunk having withdrawals” due to the alcohol on my breath (my BAC was 0.01!).

When Gail Powell asked the firefighter what had happened, she should have received no personal information. Instead the firefighter broke numerous department (SDFD), county, state, and federal laws, not to mention rules of common sense, in divulging her diagnosis of the citizen’s seizure.

Hopefully this firefighter will have no more momentary lapses of reason and sense and can be retrained in the multitude of policies that protected that person’s health information.

Name Withheld
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The Three Fs

Kudos to “Anonymous” who sent the letter “Our Mongoloid City” (August 12). If ever a letter summed up this sad burg, this was it. If by “mongoloid” the writer meant abysmal stupidity, he or she was right on the money. But rejoice, fellow primitives, because we got football, fish tacos, and fire pits in America’s Dumbest City.

Rico Gardiner
Mission Hills

The Scoop On Total Depravity

In reference to the anonymous diatribe, fifth column on page 64 of the August 12 edition (Letters). Total depravity did not start with John Calvin. Total depravity started in the Garden of Eden when Adam sinned and is perpetuated through Adam’s progeny, the human race. The fact of total depravity is explained in detail by Paul the Apostle in Romans, chapters five through seven.

Most people misunderstand the doctrine of total depravity because it is rarely taught with accuracy. Total depravity means that when Adam sinned, he corrupted his nature, and consequently his corrupt nature passed to all his descendents. As a result, we are all born spiritually dead with a total inability to have a relationship with God on the basis of our own merits. Self-righteous do-gooders are just as much depraved as licentious hedonists. Total depravity is not an inability to adhere to a code of morality. Total depravity is the universality of the old sin nature that we all inherited from our original biological father.

As for Pastor Tiffany’s belief regarding hell (“Sheep and Goats,” August 5), he is overemphasizing God’s omnipotence at the expense of God’s veracity, immutability, righteousness, and justice. The Word of God asserts that there is presently a place called Sheol and Hades, where the souls of the physically dead, spiritually dead await the final judgment in a state of torment.

Additionally, the Bible also asserts that following the final judgment, the resurrected spiritually dead will be thrown into a lake of fire, where they will be tormented eternally. If Pastor Tiffany teaches that there is no hell, he is misrepresenting the Bible, insulting the veracity of God, and leading his flock astray.

Thanks to God, there is not only a solution to total depravity but also an escape from the lake of fire because God loves the human race so much that He gave His son, the one and only Jesus Christ, with the result that everyone who believes in Him will not suffer eternal punishment but shall possess life eternal. Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved.

John Pertle

Past Her Sell-By Date

Why should anyone take Naomi Wise’s review of Barrio Star (“Food Girl’s Mexican Soul,” August 5) seriously when she begins the review by stating that she is already prejudiced against it? She’s so busy bad-mouthing owner Isabel Cruz and the premise of the restaurant that she doesn’t even get to the food until the seventh [sic] paragraph. It’s beyond time for her to be replaced. She is a SNOB. The fact that she constantly compares the food in San Diego to food she had in San Francisco and New York is idiotic. It’s like comparing apples and oranges. And her obsession with all things pork is nauseating. I haven’t read a review of hers in at least a year in which she hasn’t swooned about every piece of pork she has eaten. The same is true of Jidori chicken. Please do all of San Diego a favor and find someone who is less of a snob and who can be objective in his/her restaurant reviews. With this review, she has lost all credibility as a capable critic.

Name Withheld
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Not On The Menu

“Southwestern College’s Proper Snack Bar” (“Stringers,” July 29) left out some crucial facts.

I began working at Southwestern College as chief of communications, community and government relations in March 2010. Between my predecessor’s departure and my arrival, the college had no in-house staff devoted to communications with the community, media, or elected officials.

In the winter of 2010, there was understandable public interest in the college’s accreditation status. Although the college was, and remains, fully accredited, insufficient communication led to some misapprehension. During this time, the college needed help sorting fact from fiction. In fact, the college is ahead of schedule in completing recommendations it received.

More from SDReader


ibphotos Aug. 19, 2010 @ 8:58 a.m.

While some have taken exception to your recent article "I have a habit of having things in my hand", it actually made the recommended reading list for my household. When my teenage daughters ask me about the glamour and dangers of drug use, I try be clear and concise about it. For some time I've put a particular spotlight on meth and crack, as two drugs that have a severe de-humanizing effect on those who use them. Your article, while gory and unpleasant, illustrated well how things can go very wrong, and how these drugs effect the lives of those who use them. Even to the point of a group of people murdering and hacking up an 'inconvenient' member of their household. 'Stories for Kids' indeed, perhaps not a fairy tale, but sometimes the un-varnished truth can be harsh.


emmitsmith Aug. 21, 2010 @ 7:49 a.m.

Mister Bender, you talk about fact and fiction, yet you continue to use misleading information like, "In fact, while other colleges are cutting classes and staff, Southwestern College is offering new programs, not cutting staff, and increasing the funds allotted to cover employee health care.." Yes, SWC added a whole 34 new sections, but has had to cut more than that due to under enrollment - this while other college districts in the area are adding 1200 new sections. The college has cut over 100 positions, most adjunct faculty and hourly staff, as well as a much needed dean of research, while they are about to complete the process to hire a new marketing person to help with the PR campaign to reelect two undeserving board members, have added many positions in finance to help support Alioto's kingdom building, and new police officers to keep everyone on their best behavior. While the addition to monies in the health and welfare package is appreciated, it was to ensure that out-of-pocket expenses didn't rise for a fourth straight year.

I don't mind you letting the community know what is happening at SWC, but give the the facts without omission and do it for the students, not to support the campaigns of board members that need to go so we can save our school.


dinorah Aug. 21, 2010 @ 10:48 a.m.

Re: Not on the Menu


Your letters to the SWC community are one-sided and engender cynicism in all of us who know the sad situation we live with. You promote shiny new programs using tones more appropriate for the advertising of time-shares while in reality, hundreds of students can't get into basic college classes such as Anatomy, Biology and other necessary classes to be able to transfer and earn a degree. I urge you to please stop and think about the applicants to our college who are turned away. Many are first-generation college students. It took a lot of courage for them to set foot on our campus only to be sent home. Their education is the ONLY reason that our college exists.
Furthermore, we are the only higher education opportunity for students in the South Bay to fulfill their dreams. While you write what you’re told to write, of corner lots with fountains, all we want, all taxpayers want, are classes for their son or daughter.


Nickdanny Aug. 22, 2010 @ 7:05 p.m.

Master Bender, it takes three PR contracts (Bender, Focuscom, Alvey) to do a series of public service announcements and community outreach?

The hire date of the "expert" Alvey (according to SWC Governing Board minutes accessed on-line) reveals that he was hired at about the same time that you came on board (March-April 2010) and that a Mr. Alioto (that name keeps popping up everywhere) approved yet another PR contract (Focuscom, supposedly to promote Prop R, which was ALREADY approved by voters in fall 2008) in the same time frame as your hire, for an amount up to $100,00--quite near your hire date as well.

Master Bender, It doesn't sound like your boss at the college has much confidence in you. I hope you are looking around...and I hope SWC has a great Public Relations program, as it sounds that this career is really booming in the South County.


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