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Melodic metal trio Heretic is an emerging San Diego band to be on the lookout for. I haven’t noticed many show dates for the band, but they have a new EP out called Greetings.

The title track is an upbeat tune with a simple guitar riff and vocal harmonies. "Mincemeat" is a darker track but catchy with subtle but effective production. There seems to be a delay effect on the guitar, which, combined with an explosive middle section, shredding guitar solo, and blood curdling scream at the close, make this the standout song. The last track on the EP, "Cold and Familiar," surprises with a Latin melody.

With their self-produced debut, Heretic shows musical ability by playing tight and clean. You can tell that each musician has put thought into his part, and the songs shine for their efforts.

Go to myspace.com/heretictrio for info and song samples.

Album title: Greetings
Artist: Heretic
Label: Unsigned
Songs: "Greetings," "Mincemeat," "Cold and Familiar"

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AnotherWorld Aug. 18, 2009 @ 1:55 p.m.

There are ton of Great Bands who if one is willing all can be found and discovered on Ourstage.com. This website is for free and there are other options besides being a listener as well that if a person has other talents can have them placed on this website.....Check it out....this is where I really grow and send notes to the musicians I like to give them more suggestions and ideas in the field of music.


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