Library Love

Wow, what a great story (“No Shushing in This Library,” Cover Story, June 19)! I’m happy to learn so many young people love the library too.

Ernestine Smith
Student Support Services
San Diego County Office of Education

Look What We Did!

I read the article in today’s Reader, “No Shushing in This Library,” by Alex Finlayson (Cover Story, June 19).

I was very happy to read the positive comments about the design of our North Clairemont library, particularly since I am the artist that gave that poor, neglected building a well-deserved face-lift. When we moved to Clairemont 18 years ago, I would drive by the library and would get depressed looking at it. Yet I could see the beautiful bones it had covered in Navajo white. There was no landscaping, lots of graffiti, and a few derelicts hanging around. It was not the place I wanted to take my young daughter to discover the wonders of reading. When Clairemont Square, across the street, was remodeled, our poor little library faded further into the background.

In 2004, I finally decided that something needed to be done. So I came up with a design to give the building some color to enhance its diamond pattern and balance the blaring colors from Clairemont Square. Then I submitted the design to Friends of the Library and the Clairemont Town Council. Everyone loved the idea and the design. After the approval from Donna Frye’s office, pro bono paint from K-Co Construction, and added landscaping, our library finally is a pleasant, family-friendly building that I am very proud of. As far as I know, all the work was done for free. I hope this can be an example of how a community can get together to make their public buildings a little bit nicer.

Perhaps this should be called the “Little Library That Could!”

Carol Cottone-Kolthoff
via email

Hit The Delete Key

Dear Mayor Sanders,

The San Diego Public Library system refused service to an estimated 50,000 patrons last year. These 50,000 are visitors or locals who wanted to use a one-hour computer station but were refused and informed that all computers are occupied and that they had to wait an hour or longer.

Most never return. It’s a hardy crew that occupies a one-hour computer station at a public library, and I’m one of them.

The downtown central library has a ratio of one librarian on duty for every one-hour computer station.

A modern library has a ratio of one librarian for every 30 computers, e.g., Lied Library at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Biomed at UCSD. Love Library at SDSU. Copley Library at USD. Encinitas library.

There is an overwhelming need to cut the staff and use the money for one-hour computer stations that would increase the libraries’ usages by 50,000 patrons a year at no cost to the public.

Robert J. Kachur
Centre City

Dewey Decimal Meltdown

Re “No Shushing in This Library” (Cover Story, June 19).

I’m an unemployed librarian. I’m sure there are many of them, and I probably will actually have to change careers. The U.S. News and World Report article mentioned in the story is not factual. Career opportunities are growing much more slowly than average, contrary to what the article said. And our future is in grave danger. Reference librarians will be replaced by library associates, who get half the pay and only require a B.A., not a master’s in library science. Only people requiring MLSs will be directors, branch managers, and corporate. In reality, I wouldn’t recommend getting an MLS. They’ll be useless in five to ten years. I’d recommend people becoming an X-ray tech, nurse, or something in the health-care industry — well-paying jobs anywhere, anytime, with a solid future.

Overall, a great article. As a librarian myself, I’ve been trying to dispel stereotypes and advocate libraries for years.

Eric Holmberg
via email


I am the owner of Solare Ristorante Lounge. I am writing about the article that Naomi wrote last week in the Reader (Restaurant Review, June 12).

There were a few mistakes in the article that Naomi wrote, and I would greatly appreciate these corrected.

1. Our website is wrong. It should be

2. I personally counted, and we have over 30 wines that are under $40 per bottle.

3. We never use whipped cream on any of our desserts. I am not sure where that came from.

4. Our location is made out of wood and glass, and of course it will be noisy on a Friday and Saturday night.

If Naomi were to come any other night, it is not that noisy. Also, since we are in a historical building, we are limited by what the board of directors will allow us to do in order to deal with the noise.

5. We have two private rooms available for dining. We have the all-glass wine room, where a couple or group of up to four can enjoy a quieter meal, and the Prana Room, which holds up to 24 guests.

Lastly, the last name of my husband (who is also the owner and the other executive chef) is spelled Ceresoli.

I would appreciate that these issues were dealt with and published in the next Reader.

Roberta Ruffini

Naomi Wise responds: I do apologize for the incorrect website. I have no idea how that snuck in there except to ascribe it to some evil gremlin taking possession of my typewriting fingers. Ditto the typo on Mr. Ceresoli’s last name. (I can only say I’m sorry; my sole excuse is that earlier that same week, a dinner at the restaurant that I actually planned to review that week “flunked out” royally, making that restaurant unfit for print; Solare was a last-minute substitution, written in regrettable haste after a meal on a “noisy Friday” rather than the quieter Thursday nights when I normally eat out for reviews.)

Your wine list is indeed very long, and seeing it in the bright light of your (correct) website I do find more bottles under $40 than I spotted when wrangling with the tome in the restaurant. But perhaps you’ve added more wines since I ate there: Had I spotted the Verdicchio, I would have ordered it in a New York minute, as it’s an old favorite of mine.

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