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I am commenting on your article on the current violence in Tijuana and Mexico (“Mommy, Why Are They Shooting at Us Again?” Cover Story, April 2). Such comments by the Baja governor and Mexican citizens blaming the United States are plain ignorant. Mexico hasn’t evolved much in the way of government, with corruption on every level, police and politicians. Mexican citizens are killing and kidnapping their own people, with the help of corrupt officials. Try fixing your own screwed-up country before blaming the U.S.

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Death By Pen

I would like to invite you to Rosarito Beach to see that all you write about us is not so true (“Mommy, Why Are They Shooting at Us Again?” Cover Story, April 2). Of course we do have problems, maybe not as many as San Diego or L.A. or anywhere in the USA or the world. We do love our tourist people and our visitors. There are so many things we can offer for you to spend a nice day in Baja, just to relax and enjoy.

With your pen you are killing business in México, and it’s not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t think you’re much better than the people that are drug dealing.

Please check first what you are saying, and then just stopppppp your bad writing.

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Leaning Lame Leaders

The article “Mommy, Why Are They Shooting at Us Again?” (Cover Story, April 2) was yet another great read about the reality of Mexico today. Gone are the days when you would go down there for cheap shopping, tacos, and beer. The horrors told in this article should be the wake-up call to all Americans. If you don’t want bodies with their tongues cut out left in front of your child’s elementary school, then secure the border now!!! Shut it down completely with our military. Think about it — that should at least prevent the violence from pouring into the U.S. like it has been. It would severely cut back on the drugs pouring in. And if you believe the angle of 90 percent (although other statistics indicate it’s only 17 percent) of guns flowing down south from the U.S., it would stop that up too.

But somehow I think our lame leaders aren’t leaning that way. It seems they want a global society, currency, and culture. Our Department of Homeland Insecurity even stopped raids of illegal-alien workplaces. Now what message are we sending? America is weak and defenseless. If you make it here, you are going to be set with all the free stuff you can handle; come raid us. Did you hear about the recent raid in Washington State netting 28 illegals working for a company? They were given work visas instead of being deported. In the meantime, over 150 Americans applied for their vacancies. That’s the change I’m looking for!!

I feel sorry for the law-abiding Mexicans just trying to make a living down there. I really do. I agree with Governor Millan; Mexicans shouldn’t give in to the cartels. Mexicans should be up in arms about their corrupt government and the cartels’ power and work toward changing things for the better. Again, kick out the illegal aliens, put the Marines on the border and the Navy to sea. Don’t let anything cross either way. This problem solved in the US of A…mostly.

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Word Twister

As vice president of marketing at Valley View Casino, I often receive calls from reporters asking for an interview or requesting information regarding the casino industry or our ancillary amenities such as restaurants and entertainment. More often than not, we will grant the reporters an interview or provide them with a quote that helps them with their article (“Blurt,” April 2).

In every industry there are smart, honest people that want to do the right and fair thing; and then there are writers like Ken Leighton, who calls us with a loaded question and we can tell that no matter what we say, that when it’s communicated to the public we will not be portrayed fairly or equally and our reply will be misrepresented. It’s in these cases that we opt not to return calls or we simply reply with a “no comment.”

So for the record, let’s consider the following: we received a call from Ken Leighton with this message: “Ken Leighton from the Reader is writing an article and wants to know why someone would want to pay to see Creedence Clearwater Revisited when they can see them for free at the county fair.” This is clearly a no-win question and not even worthy of a conversation. However, we still wanted to be fair. So we called a music industry leader and icon in San Diego who told us not to reply as Leighton has a reputation for twisting words to benefit his story. That was all the confirmation we needed, and Leighton was placed on our “do not reply” list.

So now let’s address his question in a format I know won’t be changed: first, let me say I love the fair and it’s a great form of entertainment, but it’s a very different form of entertainment than an evening at Valley View Casino. Let’s also make it clear that it is not free to go to the fair. There is a ticket price just like there is at Disneyland. Once you pay, some of the attractions and stage entertainment are included, but it is not free! So, if you like watching a concert (again, after paying the entry fee) in the atmosphere of a fair, as you’re being circled by kids on wheeled tennis shoes while you eat your funnel cake, then seeing CCR at the fair is the right place for you. But if you’d rather enjoy an evening out at a 21-plus venue, where you’re guaranteed the seat you bought, with unrivaled acoustics, while enjoying gourmet food and beverage service, then have a great night full of fun and action inside the casino, then Valley View Casino should be your choice.

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