Dubai Not Dry

The article entitled “Boozing with Shamu” (“Breaking News,” July 3) was extremely poorly written and horribly researched. Dubai, which may be a Muslim country, has some of the most tourist- and people-friendly laws and legislation in all of the Middle East. Tourists are not shunned or restricted from enjoying alcoholic beverages and wearing western clothing; however, all that could be written about the possible takeover of SeaWorld by Dubai was “Uhh ohh, we might not be able to drink there.” Who in their right mind would think that a Muslim country with laws that allow individuals to buy and drink alcoholic beverages would come to the U.S. and make it illegal to drink? Apparently the author of the article and your staff that approved the printing. Let me know if you are hurting that bad for articles and maybe I will write you guys a more educated and better-researched article. The takeover of SeaWorld by Dubai could be the best thing possible for our local environment. Have you seen the amount of money being poured into Dubai for construction?

Josh Rodef
via email

Shocked, Interested

I really enjoyed the library article (“No Shushing in This Library,” Cover Story, June 19). I was shocked that anyone could write about a library and make it interesting. This might be my favorite article right behind that one Board did about maniac soccer moms. (That one was so good that I did not want it to end. I would have bought the book.)

Nacho D.
via email

Jadean’s Mom Gets Bum Deal

This is in regard to the cover story about Jadean (“There’s Been an Accident,” Cover Story, June 5). I’m writing in response to the responses in the letters. First of all, yes, Ms. Thrasher left home for a walk and got hammered, but she didn’t realize that her daughter was in trouble. I bet she feels a lot of guilt for that, but I think the whole point of her story is being overlooked. The fact is a 26-year-old man had her daughter in his truck. He did not make sure she kept her seat belt on, but he drove recklessly, and because of him, Jadean died. Even her friend Shelby lied. Jadean’s mother wanted answers. She could not figure out how their daughter got killed. Shelby didn’t even call 911 at the accident. She called her father. She didn’t take responsibility for what happened; she just had a lot of excuses.

Then Ms. Thrasher was trying to figure out what happened — wanted her daughter’s purse, wanted her journals. They disappeared. The sheriff didn’t see anything wrong with that. Well, he could have discarded that. Well, you know what, maybe you should have started digging around and finding out where it might have been, because the grave for personal belongings is not that hard to find.

Then the person who came to her house to talk to her left a card, and she called back, and instead of them saying, “Can you please come down to talk to us or let me come in to see you,” they told her over the phone that her daughter died. Not in person, but over the phone. That’s cold.

Not even the sheriff wanted to get involved. Basically the man said, “No victim, no crime.” There was a victim; she was just dead. To me, that is a victim that should be taken seriously.

Then there was no report given that I know of.

Then the young man, the 26-year-old, was with a young lady of 15. No one seemed to find that weird. No one wanted to look into that. The whole thing is, a 26-year-old gentleman was with an underage girl. Somebody was under the influence of something, and it was this man’s responsibility to make sure this girl got home safely, and he didn’t. But he got off scot-free. He did not go to jail. He did not do anything. He even got a new truck from his parents. His parents didn’t even seem too concerned in regards to what he did or who he was with. No, I’m sorry, but if I had a son who was 26 years old and he was with kids who were 15, I’d ask him why.

Then she goes and talks to the sheriff because she decides to get answers, and he’s, like, “Well, why are you bothering me?”

Now, as far as her being whiny, I think she had a right to be whiny. And as far as her screaming and yelling, yes, I think she’s entitled to because she wasn’t getting any answers. She may not have been a very good mother, but she was trying her hardest to find out what happened to her daughter, and I think if anyone had a child who died under those circumstances, they’d want to know why, how, where, when, and who with. And not “Well, I wasn’t there so I killed her.” No, that’s not right.

I was at the courthouse on January 30. I saw all these young ladies that were there because they were with Mr. Garcia. And as for soshimo and Greta (Letters, June 12), if they had seen all the young ladies who were there with Mr. Garcia, they would want this man put behind bars; he has no right being with all these young ladies.

I feel sorry for the mother, very sorry for her. Yes, she made a mistake in getting drunk. Yes, she made a mistake in probably leaving her other child home. But she went out for a run and did not plan to go to her friend’s house. She didn’t know her daughter was going to be in an accident. So I think you people need to lay off her and realize that a young lady died and that a sheriff’s station, they didn’t want to do anything about it, and then a judge, basically, until a bunch of people started harassing her in her office, a judge wasn’t even going to do anything about it because, hey, whatever. I don’t know who the Garcia family is connected with, but somebody needs to look into that and find out why this young man was able to get away with everything he got away with and stop blaming a mother and not blame the person actually responsible for it.


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