Fantastic Artwork

Dear Reader,

The cover artwork for “Ollie’s Big Bike Ride” (February 7) was fantastic! Very, very well done! Kudos to the artist. I hope to see more of this person’s work.

Perry Wright

La Mesa

Mystery Remains

The feature story for February 7, 2008, “Ollie’s Big Bike Ride,” was thoroughly enjoyable. The author did a really good job of keeping it entertaining, informative, and also relevant. San Diego does need more bike paths and bike lanes! Last year I began commuting the 3.5 miles to work on my one-speed beach cruiser during the early morning so I could let my wife sleep awhile before she uses our only car to commute downtown from El Cajon. I have grown to love it! Your descriptive words took me along on every mile of your journey from North Park to the Glider Port.

Another cool feature of the February 7 issue: I learned Ollie’s full name (Anthony Olivieri) for the first time, both in the cover article and in his regular feature, “Remote Control King.” Until now, I thought “Ollie” might be a nom de plume or a pseudonym.

Which reminds me… I’ve been a fan of the Reader since I moved to San Diego in June 1990. My favorite feature has always been “Straight from the Hip” by Matthew Alice. A few weeks ago I noticed a distinct change in the writing style. Just as great as ever, but it’s “less elves, more facts” these days. For years we readers have tried to solve the mystery of who Matthew Alice really is. (“His” name does not appear on the list of contributors on page 2.) Must this/these fine writers(s) die before they get due recognition for their amazing work as “Matthew Alice”?

Steve Terry

El Cajon

Bleached And Baptized

I’m just wondering if I can ever expect to read a review about a place of worship that isn’t Christian in the “Sheep and Goats” section of the Reader. I recall someone writing a similar editorial in the past, which incited a review of one or two Jewish temples I believe. Kudos for that, but just in case the column writer is unaware, there also exist houses of worship that — gasp — are for neither Christians nor Jews. Like Islamic centers and mosques and temples for Hindus, Buddhists, Hare Krishnas, scientologists, etc. And yes, in San Diego — bleached and baptized as it is.

Sara Mostafa

via email


In regards to the “The Principal’s Principles” (City Lights, January 24), I was disappointed by the poor journalism. Instead of doing some investigative reporting, the article merely reported on a catfight between a gay newspaper and a radio personality. Who is to say whether the principal was selling ads on school district time or not? Mark Twain has a 12:45 p.m. dismissal every Wednesday. I’m really surprised Deegan didn’t dig a little deeper to try to get to the bottom of the story.

Nichole White

Imperial Beach

Not Funny

Once again I see a letter complimenting “Shoehorn Technique” (February 14). As I remember when I quit reading it years ago, it was too wordy, hard to look at, and most of all, not funny. So I thought I’d give it another chance. Much to my surprise, it was too wordy, hard to look at, and most of all, not funny. Are these complimenters related to the author? Give me “Red Meat” with Milkman Dan harassing the eight-year-old girl any day.

Steve Hubbard

via email

Thanks For The Presence

Thanks to Barbarella (“Diary of a Diva”) for the immeasurable entertainment she has provided and to the presence of David for keeping me from the unsavory thought of being a 61-year-old groupie.


via email


This is in response to the article on the homeless (“I’m as Big as a Vons,” Cover Story, January 31). There was a response from Ocean Beach (Letters, February 14). I was told that a psychotherapist from Australia visited San Diego a while back. He stated that there they do not have the homeless problem comparable to us. It’s forced rehabilitation from off the streets. And he quoted, “For those who do not want to cooperate, we have a place for them.”

Name Withheld

by Request

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