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“The Static Lounge show was great, until that shooting during the last set by Cherry Chuck Gang,” says 40oz Chris of Massterpiece Entertainment, who helped promote the August 7 “DayGo Unity Concert.” The downtown event ended with a shooting in front of the club.

“We got Bloods and Crips all performing on the same bill,” Kayo told this reporter before the event. Kayo’s record label, On Fyre Entertainment, held the DayGo Unity show, hoping to “unite the divisive local factions in the hip-hop community.”

A fight inside the venue spilled onto the sidewalk shortly after 1 a.m. While several patrons were being separated, gunshots were fired and an off-duty police officer working security was shot in the neck. He received a non—life-threatening wound.

“As a promoter, we were trying to take every pre caution to ensure safety,” Kayo said via email after the shooting. “It was some young knuckleheaded females who jumped off the b.s., throwing drinks and stuff. That set the [melee] off. We had the music stopped, security intervened, the crowd was segregated, and the show continued…

but the alcohol got the best of a few and some were disrespected.

“So when the females started fighting again, it went all bad. I was on stage with Tiny Doo and the rest of the Cherry Chuck Gang, and we were showing love to the other side [Crips].… Next thing you know, females [were] at it again; now everyone involved [was] trying to get outside, then gunshots. Unbelievable.”

Show attendee ZeeMN says, “The guy who shot [the guard] wasn’t part of the fight inside.… He got kicked out and went somewhere for a half hour or so. Then, [while] the guards were tussling out front, the guy [who’d been bounced] shows back up with a gun and just empties it – bang bang – into the [group of] people there.”

Police took two men into custody for questioning. At this writing, no charges have been filed, though a third man is being sought by police.

– Jay Allen Sanford

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Jay Allen Sanford Aug. 20, 2008 @ 12:31 p.m.

Additional quotes from Kayo, rcvd too late to include with above:

"Let it be known, this was not some Blood vs. Crip feud. Everybody in the event was feelin' it. I have never seen so many different gang signs thrown in one room, so close to each other, with no ill favor. Everyone in the place had love, and was there for the music. All it takes is one bad apple to spoil the bunch; in this case, it was 2 or 3. There were OGs from just about every SouthEast San Diego set. It was some young dude, who felt played, tryna earn some credit. He will be in jail for a long time now. Don't get it wrong, although we didn't want NO DRAMA, a fight was prepared for and would a been resolved effectively due to security, but as prepared as we were, we weren't expecting a shooting."

"The man who had fired the gun was kicked out earlier in the night for aggressive behavior, security was called into the club to stop the fight between the brawling females. When the shots were fired outside the club, the man had gone back to his car and retrieved his weapon. He then proceeded outside the club and fired 6 shots, only 1 hitting one of the ODOs [Off Duty Officers] hired by the club promoters just for this night. The club performed pat downs, wanding, and had a no hat, no du-rag, no plain T-shirts, no baggy clothes, and no gang attire policy for the night."

Kayo's recently released album One Hundred Percent Hustle includes the song "Mill Sh-t," which is getting local play and can be heard at www.myspace.com/beatsbykayo and cdbaby.com/cd/kayomusik


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