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Title: Leucadia Address: http://leucadia.blogspot.com Author: Funky Leucadian From: Leucadia Blogging since: May 2005 Post Date: May 26, 2007

Post Title: Leucadia/Encinitas Will Absorb Carlsbad's Traffic The following was posted in the comments section in the post about Carlsbad's plans for Ponto: The bad news is the minimum estimate of 15,000 cars cutting through Leucadia each day will further degrade Encinitas by putting even more gridlock along the HW101 corridor throughout Encinitas. Encinitas needs to manage the traffic volume cutting through Encinitas and encourage them to stay on I-5!

The development should be conditioned to:

1. Design the access improvements to encourage access from Avenida Encinitas -- NOT LEUCADIA HW101.

2. Redesigning the La Costa/HW101 intersection to:

a. Reduce the current southbound HW101 through lanes to one at La Costa Avenue for a small segment to manage the cut-through traffic in Encinitas. Making this small change would help Encinitas tremendously by moving the morning cut-through commuters' queue north to Ponto (which is where it belongs), instead of gridlocking all of Leucadia and Encinitas every time the I-5 gets backed up. The cut-through traffic problem is only going to get worse in the future, with I-5 currently backed up 50 percent of the time and with projections to get much worse in the near future.

b. Include two left-hand turn lanes from southbound HW101 turning east on La Costa Avenue.

3. Improve La Costa Avenue to handle the increased future traffic -- including:

a. Rebuilding the existing bridge over the railroad tracks.

b. Rebuilding the intersections of Vulcan Avenue and Sheridan Road to assure no increase in cut-through traffic through the Leucadia neighborhood east of HW101.

c. Bike lanes and walkways, and landscaping improvements.


MP said... "You people are all the same. There has never once been a documented case where new development caused problems for neighbors and adjoining towns." Gil Foerster said...

"MP -- please drive out to San Elijo Hills and then drive in during almost any commute. San Elijo Hills made no accommodations or plans for NCTD in the development, hence EVERYONE in that development must drive to enter and exit. Follow the stream of cars: nice for a while, then gridlock in Encinitas. Very poor traffic planning and execution in that city development. This is not an isolated case."

Anonymous said...

"Uh, people, MP is farking with you."

MP said...

"I have been walking around the walkable San Elijo Hills. San Elijo Hills is a new development; it is a shining example, showing how much the San Diego development industry is sincere about San Diego by bringing you smart growth and walkability. San Elijo Hills is the new urbanism, smart growth, walkable. Didn't you read the advertisements? San Elijo Hills also has the other buzzwords that we want! Vibrant and bustling!"

Anonymous said...

"We are told that San Elijo Hills will save us all from overcrowding. Save us from gridlock. High density reduces traffic congestion and reduces resource usage! Didn't you know that? Developers have a business. It is to make as much money as possible. They do this by packing in as many homes as possible and paying for the least amount of infrastructure possible. If they can fool a lot of people into believing that "new urbanism" is utopia, then people will look the other way when they upzone their property."

Anonymous said...

"The firm that did the EIR is responsible for the majority of development within Irvine. Now I know why Carlsbad is using them. Don't you just love Irvine? Their EIR is classic. It calls Encinitas Streets like N. Coast HW101 "Carlsbad Boulevard." It also shows that the existing level of service at Leucadia Boulevard and N.Coast HW101 is acceptable and that it will be acceptable with another 15,000 cars per day. Guess again.

Post Date: May 13, 2007

Post TITle: I'm Down with this Norby Dude The city of Encinitas wants to hire Peder Norby to be the Highway 101 Main Street coordinator and has budgeted a healthy gob of money for the position. At first I thought, Wow, what a scam. Why can't the existing city staff provide infrastructure for the 101?

Then I threw my head back and laughed.

Here is why I've decided to support Peder Norby: He did a good job with the downtown Encinitas streetscape program. I remember when the city first started talking about fixing up downtown coastal Encinitas, a lot of people were afraid that they were going to bulldoze the whole thing. I think Norby did a good job of fine-tuning and beautifying downtown Encinitas, enhancing its historic ambiance. Norby seems like a guy who gets stuff done.

The coast highway is beautiful, but the dirt medians kind of suck. Nothing has been the detriment to Leucadia more than the NCTD's scorched-earth policy. It's unclear if Norby can have any influence on the NCTD. Leucadia is great, but places like this section could really benefit from improvements. Could Peder Norby be mediator between the heart (you Leucadians) and the head (the city of Encinitas staff and council)?

Peder Norby and I have exchanged a few e-mails, and I think he is a smart, thoughtful guy. I like what he says here: "I have visited and worked in over 300 downtowns during the past 10 years. There is no example that I can point to as a success where they destroyed the culture and history of their downtown...replacing it with 'generica.'"

Besides, Norby now knows that if he turns coastal Leucadia into a touristy version of San Diego's Seaport Village, then 10,000 Leucadians are going to march to his house with pointy sticks.

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