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Bio of Convicted Lobbyist in Stripper Scandal

By Matt Potter

On November 10, Lance Malone was sentenced to 36 months in federal prison for his role in the Cheetahs influence-peddling scandal. A lobbyist for high-flying strip-club owner Mike Galardi, Malone, along with San Diego city councilmen Michael Zucchet and Ralph Inzunza, was convicted in July of scheming to water down the city's ban on lap dancing in exchange for campaign money.

Before the sentencing, Malone's lawyers submitted a brief to the court making a case for leniency. As part of their plea, they attached a report -- presented in full below -- from a Las Vegas social worker retained by the defense to interview Malone about his life experiences. Malone is currently free on $350,000 bond while he appeals his conviction.

Biopsychosocial Report

Family Background

Mr. Lance Malone, now age 43 (DOB 01/29/62), was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. He is the fifth and last son of seven children born from the marriage of John, now age 70, and Annabelle Malone (née Ke), now age 67. Lance developed severe asthma at age 4 months, and the medical specialists advised that a warm, dry climate would relieve Lance of the chronic asthmatic symptoms. In 1963, when Lance was age 1, John and Annabelle Malone moved to Las Vegas with their five boys.

John Malone Sr. got a job as a 21 dealer in casino and worked eighty hours a week up until he retired to support his wife and by then seven children, while Mrs. Malone stayed at home to look after them and take care of the house. Most of the family continues to live in Las Vegas, and that includes his parents; his oldest brother John, age 52, who is a divorced father of four and works as a car salesman; Daniel, age 47, who is married and has 3 children and works at Jaguar's Gentleman's Club; Mark, age 45, who is a married father of 5 and owns a valet-parking company; Marla, age 40, who is married with two daughters and works at a civilian job in the Las Vegas Jail; and lastly, Melissa, age 38, who suffers from cancer and lives at her parents' home, where they care for her. Mike, age 49, is a divorced father of two boys (one is deceased), and he lives in Key West, Fl., where he works as a cook.

Currently, Lance Malone lives at the home of his ex-wife, where he takes care of his two young sons, Grant, age 6, and Ryan, age 4. Rosemary Malone owns and operates a Subway sandwich shop inside the Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas, and she is currently the sole provider for her two children. Mr. Malone has not worked since he received a visit at his home from the FBI on May 17, 2003, where they played some tapes for him, implicating him [in] the instant case. On August 28, 2003, he was indicted on thirty-nine counts, including conspiracy, wire fraud, racketeering, false statements, aiding and abetting; however, a 40-count superseding indictment was filed on October 8, 2003. On July 18, 2005, Mr. Malone was found guilty of 37 of the 40 counts that included conspiracy to commit wire fraud, wire fraud, extortion, and aiding and abetting. He is currently free on $250,000 bond and is in pretrial supervision, reporting to his pretrial officer as required. The case is scheduled for sentencing on November 9, 2005.

Childhood and Adolescence: 1962-1980

Lance Malone was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, but the family moved to Las Vegas when Lance was age one because the drier climate helped control his asthma. He grew up in a large, close-knit family with four older brothers and two younger sisters, and he describes his childhood, "I had a great childhood.... We always played with each other, things like kick-ball and hide-and-go-seek.... We took vacations as a family and went on train rides or went to Disneyland.... I never heard my parents argue, and my Mom did everything for us."

Lance attended two local elementary schools, where he was an average student and a happy child and found it easy to make friends because he was social and had an extroverted personality. Lance did remember some not-so-happy times and reflected, "My father was a functional alcoholic, and I recall when my father would come home late from work and fall asleep in the car after he had been drinking and I would take a blanket out to the car and cover him with it so he would not get cold." Lance enjoyed sports and was on a soccer and baseball team, but he did mention that his parents were so busy working that they never, ever came to see him play. By the time he was in junior high school, he had a keen interest [in] dirt-bike riding and the theater, and he started dating a girl named Whitney who would remain his girlfriend until he was age 20.

In his first year of high school, he was picked for the football team and was also in his first play. The school competed in a drama competition with students from other local schools, and Lance won the award for the best supporting actor. In his junior year, he was the Spanish Club president and the Ski Club president, although he was only maintaining a C+ average in his academic work. Lance's circle of friends had narrowed, and he chose to be friends with, "A wholesome group of boys who never got into any trouble.... We did not drink, smoke, or do drugs.... Most of them were Latter-Day Saints and went on to Brigham Young University in Utah." During the summer of his junior year, Lance worked full-time at a car wash. When he was a senior, he was elected Student Body President, was on the football team, and was Senior Class Prom King. He reflected on his senior year, "I had a great year, and I went to a lot of parties, but I never succumbed to peer pressure. I never used drugs, drank alcohol, or smoked." Lance decided that he [wanted] to go to university, and although he had hoped to attend Brigham Young University, he was not admitted because of his academic scores. Instead, he attended University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) on a theater scholarship.

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