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— On February 2, while in sheriffs' custody at the downtown San Diego courthouse, Richard Tuite escaped for three and a half hours. Tuite is facing trial for what offense?

A. grand theft

B. murder

C. rape

D. kidnapping

2. Many football fans watched singer Janet Jackson expose herself during a halftime show at the Super Bowl. Which city hosted the Super Bowl this year?

A. Atlanta

B. Jacksonville

C. Houston

D. Miami

3. Two hundred forty-four Muslims were killed in Mina, Saudi Arabia, during the annual hajj ritual. During this ritual, pilgrims shout insults and throw their shoes at three stone pillars. What is their rage directed at?

A. The United States

B. Satan

C. all infidel nations

D. Christianity

4. Which member of the San Diego City Council is running unopposed for reelection?

A. Brian Maienschein

B. Michael Zucchet

C. Toni Atkins

D. Donna Frye

5. Ernie Hahn recently unveiled a plan for a stadium with a retractable roof and modular seating that could be moved to reduce the size of a football field to the dimensions of a basketball court. Hahn is currently the:

A. mayor of Los Angeles

B. public relations director for the Chargers

C. development envoy for the NFL

D. general manager of the Sports Arena

6. Which of the Democratic presidential candidates said, "We do not need to divide America over who served and how"?

A. Howard Dean

B. John Edwards

C. Wesley Clark

D. John Kerry

7. In a rare loss for the NFL, a federal judge ruled on February 5 that suspended college running back Maurice Clarett can enter the NFL draft this spring. Clarett played football for which school?

A. Nebraska

B. Ohio State

C. Oklahoma

D. West Virginia

8. Record producer Phil Spector replaced his attorney with Leslie Abramson to represent him in his murder trial. Who was Spector's previous attorney?

A. F. Lee Bailey

B. Mark Geragos

C. Robert Shapiro

D. Johnny Cochran

9. What health problem did the Centers for Disease Control announce was on the rise for the first time since 1958?

A. venereal diseases

B. smoking by preteens

C. child obesity

D. infant mortality

10. According to a recent poll taken by the National Annenberg Election Survey, what percentage of Americans are opposed to homosexual marriage?

A. 60 percent

B. 59 percent

C. 55 percent

D. 52 percent

11. Which major university announced that its minority applications for enrollment were down 23 percent from the same time last year?

A. Harvard

B. Michigan

C. Michigan State

D. Stanford

12. Seaport Village will auction off the Broadway Flying Horses carousel to pay taxes. Where did the carousel, built around 1890, first operate?

A. Coney Island, New York

B. Salisbury Beach, Massachusetts

C. Atlantic City, New Jersey

D. Chicago, Illinois

13. Which country's legislature passed a ban on religious symbols and attire from its public schools?

A. Netherlands

B. Canada

C. France

D. Belgium

14. Research scientists announced that the consumption of some types of chocolate may help decrease blood pressure and improve circulation. This is because raw cocoa contains an antioxidant compound called what?

A. flavonoids

B. vitamin E

C. beta carotene

D. dopamine

15. Which former heavyweight boxing champion was arrested February 13 for assaulting a woman?

A. Mike Tyson

B. Joe Frazier

C. Lennox Lewis

D. Evander Holyfield

16. Which media company made a $54 billion bid to buy the Walt Disney Company?

A. Viacom

B. NBC Universal

C. Time Warner

D. Comcast

17. A recent film, Dreamers, is the first major release to carry the NC-17 rating since Showgirls. The film was the work of which controversial director?

A. Bernardo Bertolucci

B. Martin Scorcese

C. David Lynch

D. Joe Eszterhas

18. The San Diego Chargers announced for the second consecutive year that they will not be raising ticket prices. The lowest-priced seat available at for a single Chargers game will remain at what price?

A. $18

B. $29

C. $37

D. $45

19. Which Muslim nation has admitted that it has obtained a high-speed centrifuge for enriching uranium?

A. Jordan

B. Syria

C. Iran

D. Saudi Arabia

20. The Canadian government condemned which talk-show host for a series of jokes suggesting that everyone living in Quebec was homosexual?

A. Conan O'Brien

B. David Letterman

C. Jay Leno

D. Michael Savage


1. B, murder

2. C, Houston

3. B, Satan

4. A, Brian Maienschein

5. D, general manager of the Sports Arena

6. D, John Kerry

7. B, Ohio State

8. C, Robert Shapiro

9. D, infant mortality

10. A, 60 percent

11. B, Michigan

12. A, Coney Island

13. C, France

14. A, flavonoids

15. B, Joe Frazier

16. D, Comcast

17. A, Bernardo Bertolucci

18. B, $29

19. C, Iran

20. A, Conan O'Brien

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