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— 1. Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante is facing a lawsuit alleging that he took from Indian tribes $3.8 million more than is allowed by the state's campaign limits. Who is the plaintiff in the lawsuit?

A. The State Attorney


B. The State Fair Political Practices Commission


D. The unions of State Gaming Tribes

2. Craig Peyer, the CHP officer convicted of killing Cara Knott along I-15 in 1986, was denied parole at his first hearing in January. He will not be eligible for parole again for how many years?

A. four years

B. two years

C. six years

D. eight years

3. Which Democratic presidential candidate said, "If God had thought homosexuality is a sin, he would not have created gay people"?

A. John Kerry

B. Dick Gephardt

C. Howard Dean

D. Wesley Clark

4. The City of San Diego reached an agreement to end the lawsuit over its lease to the Boy Scouts in Balboa Park. The city has agreed to cancel the lease to the Boy Scouts and pay the legal fees for what group?


B. The Gay and Lesbian Center

C. The Rainbow Coalition

D. The American Civil Rights Institute

5. Which longtime Las Vegas casino was shut down by federal agents who seized $500,000 to cover unpaid employee benefits?

A. The Golden Nugget

B. The Mint

C. Binion's Horseshoe

D. The Fremont

6. Researchers from Best Places rated which American city as the most stressful to live in?

A. Tacoma

B. Detroit

C. Miami

D. Salt Lake City

7. Which automotive manufacturer is recalling 800,000 automobiles because of power-steering problems that have caused eight known injuries?

A. Ford

B. General Motors

C. Daimler-Chrysler

D. Honda

8. U.S. Census figures reveal that 26 percent of gay male couples with children have one parent staying at home while only 25 percent of married heterosexual couples keep a parent at home during the day. Approximately how many male-couple households with children are there in America?

A. 10,000

B. 40,000

C. 60,000

D. 105,000

9. Recent studies have revealed which people have the highest concentrations of industrial chemicals and pesticides in their bodies?

A. Armenians

B. Indians of Brazil's rain forests

C. Sherpas

D. Greenland's Inuit

10. San Clemente is considering a measure to ban smoking on its beaches. If it passes, they would be the second California city to ban smoking at the beach. Which city was the first?

A. Imperial Beach

B. San Diego

C. Oceanside

D. Solana Beach

11. Which Democrat has agreed to introduce President Bush at Republican fund-raisers?

A. Zell Miller

B. John Breaux

C. Dianne Feinstein

D. Ernest Hollings

12. Which celebrity said at a MoveOn.org awards ceremony that "Americanization is like McDonaldization"?

A. Margaret Cho

B. Julia Stiles

C. Michael Moore

D. Chuck D

13. Which of the following films turned up on an Internet site for downloading in January after it was sent to a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for private screening?

A. Cold Mountain

B. Lost in Translation

C. House of Sand and Fog

D. Something's Gotta Give

14. Mohamed Kamal Mustafa was sentenced to 15 months in prison January 15 for writing the book Women in Islam. The book included information on:

A. training women to build bombs

B. chaining women against their will

C. beating women without leaving bruises

D. methods of rape

15. 2003 saw San Diego housing prices rise at a furious pace, with the year-end overall median home price at $405,000. Which area had the lowest appreciation of real estate value, 4.2 percent?

A. Rancho Santa Fe

B. Clairemont

C. La Mesa

D. National City

16. J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. announced it is merging with Bank One to create the second-largest banking company in America. Which is the largest bank in the U.S.?

A. Bank of America/Fleet Boston

B. Citigroup, Inc.

C. Wells Fargo

D. Washington Mutual, Inc.

17. Which company shipped the most personal computers worldwide in 2003?

A. Dell

B. Hewlett-Packard


D. Apple

18. Which popular drug was found by a recent international study to impair long-term memory?

A. Marijuana

B. Ephedra

C. Ecstasy

D. Zoloft

19. Which celebrity said in a January 14 TV interview, "I do believe in the sanctity of marriage, I totally do"?

A. Elizabeth Taylor

B. Donald Trump

C. Jennifer Aniston

D. Britney Spears

20. National security issues continue to dog airport screeners as was apparent when Portland (Maine) International Jetport was evacuated Tuesday, January 13, after baggage screeners found which item packed in a length of PVC pipe?

A. an umbrella

B. a bagpipe

C. a bullwhip

D. a cobra


1. B, The State Fair Political Practices Commission

2. A, four years

3. C, Howard Dean

4. A, The ACLU

5. C, Binion's Horseshoe

6. A, Tacoma

7. B, General Motors

8. C, 60,000

9. D, Greenland's Inuit

10. D, Solana Beach

11. A, Zell Miller

12. D, Chuck D

13. D, Something's Gotta Give

14. C, beating women without leaving bruises

15. A, Rancho Santa Fe

16. B, Citigroup, Inc.

17. A, Dell

18. C, Ecstasy

19. D, Britney Spears

20. B, a bagpipe

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