Content for Thursday, September 25, 2003

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Cheetahs strip club owner's roots in Trinidad, Colorado

Michael Galardi pleads guilty to bribing San Diego vice cop, but it is part of pattern

The narrow streets and sidewalks of Trinidad, Colorado, are paved with thousands and thousands of old red bricks, each stamped with the name of the town. In the hot afternoon sun of mid-September, they take ...

City Pension Funds in Red

Drop dead. That's what City of San Diego employees, their retirement board -- and the mayor and city council -- are saying to taxpayers, as well as to current retired city workers. DROP is an ...

Killer Speed

Qualcomm and Carlsbad replace Kearny Villa Rd. south of Miramar Rd.

On a recent Friday night at 11:00 p.m., a lone policeman sits in his patrol car watching from 50 yards away a group of souped-up cars in the Target parking lot on Balboa Avenue. "It ...

Recruiting stations

Some well-established faces are set to speak at a "Leadership Conference" critiquing the media and its coverage of the war in Iraq, to be held for the edification of county high school students next month ...

Travel the Stonewall Creek/Soapstone Grade loop in the Cuyamacas by foot, on a mountain bike, or on horseback.

The striped skunk stood defiantly in the middle of the trail, its tail held straight up and its beady eyes tracking my every move. I slunk by, circumscribing a 180-degree arc of 10-yard radius -- ...

Suburban Artery

A Navy couple falls for Otay Ranch.

“I saw a little bit of the receding hairline,” says Steve. Rather than take up the bitter struggle, he shaved himself bald. “You know, I’m married, I’ve got a child; vanity’s not really high on my li.”