Content for Thursday, May 8, 2003

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Pregnant on Prozac

Studies were all over the place

On Mother’s Day this year, I will be nine weeks closer to being a mother again. My husband Jack is thrilled. My five kids are ecstatic. I am filled with joy and nausea. Two and ...

Decent men elude Mark Twain’s child – she ends up at Bahia in Mission Beach

I am your loving daughter Clara Clemens

In 1940, the recently widowed and wealthy Clara Clemens Gabrilowitsch bought a small estate in the Hollywood hills and sought counsel from a medium named Sardoney about her love life. Known also by his epithet ...

You're Just My Girlfriend

War shatters Michael Page’s world

When I went to the bathroom for a second, in the time that I was gone, my girlfriend gave Iggy Pop her phone number. She told him to come and visit her.

Shamans under the influence made art for the ages

Discover pictographs at the El Vallecito archeological site near La Rumorosa, Baja California

At a point on the toll road 34 miles east of Tecate and just shy of the village of La Rumorosa, exit the toll road at "Vallecitos," turn right, then make a 180-degree turn.

Council's Stinky Days Numbered?

When former port commissioner David Malcolm -- long known for mixing business with politics -- pleaded guilty to violating state conflict-of-interest laws last week, establishment members sighed with relief, "It's behind us." Sotto voce, they ...

Justice Knocks

On January 26, 2000, Oceanside police entered DeAnn Sutton-Griffith's home with neither search warrant nor permission and confiscated her dog. Preceding the home invasion was a dispute Sutton-Griffith had with the woman who sold her ...

Already a Hero

It's been a rough year for old heroes. So far, within the past 365 days, I've lost Ed Thomas, my old team sergeant, and Command Sergeant Major Bill Edge, who was probably the smartest man ...

Rich and infamous

Ex-port commissioner David Malcolm, who pleaded guilty last week to felony conflict-of-interest charges stemming from his dealings with port tenant Duke Energy and agreed to pay $249,000 in restitution, has been unloading some real estate. ...

Plenty of Time to Fret

Iraq invades the teen mind.

Shouldn’t this money be earmarked for our own people? How is my life improved by forcing the Iraqi people to accept our form of government? It’s hard to make sense out of this when you’re 17.

Mmmmmm! M&Ms

Mat A: How do they get those little Ms on M&M candies? Disenfranchised elves working for Mars, Inc. at minimum wage? Or some esoteric new-fangled tenth generation computer gizmo? Or perhaps just some mundane mechanical ...

Finger wrinkles ironed out

Dear Matthew Alice: While contemplating the universe in the tub the other day, I suddenly wondered why my fingers and toes get all wrinkly when I contemplate the universe in the tub. -- Pruno, in ...

Donovan knows his invertebrates

Dear Uncle Matthew and Aunt Alice: We all know that our garden variety of snails leave a slimy trail on leaves when they move around. Buy why, when they traverse a cement sidewalk, is the ...