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Luman Gunfight at Campo

Gaskill brothers ran a tough store - guns everywhere.

Until 1940, Campo was the center for Customs and Border Patrol. To avoid U.S. “line-riders,” smugglers came to the store in darkness. They traded “gold, silver, whiskey, you name it” for manufactured goods.

The disappearance of Denver Lucas - what it meant for the San Diego music scene

The lost powerdresser

Love of music creates communities — usually short-lived communities, called “scenes” — that can change lives and, if the circumstances are right, change the world and the course of history. When I moved to Encinitas ...

Bury Me Near the 15th Tee

A wealthy San Diego developer wants to construct what appears to be a first in American history: a private family cemetery on a public golf course, specifically designed as the final resting place for a ...

Hike to Eagle Rock, a sandstone outcrop in Topanga State Park.

Topanga -- "The place where the mountains meet the sea." That simple and descriptive Gabrielino Indian name aptly applies to both the famous canyon near Los Angeles and to the big state park sprawling along ...

Whither the turd?

Hey Matt: Where did the giant turd go? I used to enjoy including Scripps Clinic on local sightseeing tours. What work of public "art" can possibly take the place of this goofy installation? -- Bob ...

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