Content for Thursday, August 7, 2003

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North County's sex slaves: Palomar Airport Road in Carlsbad, next to strawberry fields in Carlsbad, and next to San Luis Rey River

Reina's story

In April 2001, 15-year-old Reina was leaving her home in Tenancingo, a high-plateau town west of Mexico City. She was happier than she’d been in a while, traveling north to Tijuana, in the company of ...

The Attraction of Etc.

For many years, those all-purpose letters, "Etc.," served Anthony W. "Tony" DeSio very well. He built Mail Boxes Etc. into a highly successful national chain that managed to compete with the post office and also ...

Local Growers Leery of Year-Round Fruit

In late June, officials from the United States Department of Agriculture lifted a ban on picking Hass avocados that had been imposed on growers in Valley Center since Mexican fruit flies were found in the ...

Spend the day at Dollar Lake

A sparkling tarn near the summit ridge of the San Bernardino Mountains

Sparkling and silvery like a freshly minted silver dollar, Dollar Lake lies cupped amid a talus-frosted natural bowl, not far below the highest summits of the San Bernardino Mountains. Snow lingers late on the steep ...

The Rock Art Mystery

Rancho Bernardo pre-historic mazes

About the only certainty: the creator of the Rancho Bernardo style never considered him- or herself an artist in the traditional sense. The designs — so abstract, schematic, intricate — look like nothing in nature.

The No-Swimming Hole

Hey Matt: When I lived in Northern California there was never a problem with people swimming in the lakes and reservoirs, but down here I find that it's illegal to swim in our lakes and ...