Digital Hometown

Out of Hemet Premiere

'My mom bought some property in Hemet and I went with her and I was like, 'Who the hell lives in Hemet?' I thought it was the weirdest little town in no-man's land. It looked ...

The Rock Art Mystery

Rancho Bernardo pre-historic mazes

About the only certainty: the creator of the Rancho Bernardo style never considered him- or herself an artist in the traditional sense. The designs — so abstract, schematic, intricate — look like nothing in nature.

Chinaberry Farm: Finding Home

Hard-won solitude

Hemet remains stuck in the ’50s where I grew up, Pleasantville ferried to the new millennium. Driving home from teaching at San Diego State, I am charmed into a nostalgic trance by the Everly Brothers.

Was Helen Hunt Jackson's Ramona real?

What they say at the Woodward Historical Museum in Ramona

“I there was such a woman as Ramona, the odds are that she was married not here but in a little chapel on Conde Street. Father Yubach said he seemed to remember marrying a woman by that name.”